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Listen to those bras. Do you do look back? So does that, does that color your experience of that book still like or or do you personnel you passed it of Brown girl, dreaming like is it is in full to think about that? Or is it like a book that you still think of as a huge success because it wasn't Houston dictate. To, you know, it's a gift to the ancestors. That fuck means everything to me. That you know, it's it's my family, so I love it. I think one of my favorites based on how long you have been writing and the changes that I know have happened for queer folks during those times. Like, could you could you always be out and do your job. That's a really good question. I think I always have been out and maybe at points in my life. It was quieter, but I don't think anyone didn't know. I, you know, my publishers always knew my girlfriend's like I, I never my kids asked me. I remember, you know, early on his would ask me if I was married in, I'd say, why you find to get with me something, but at tennis Sykes Gordon and that I would say, you know, we're not allowed to get my partner night, aren't allowed to get married. Now. It's just say in now we aren't allowed to get married, zero interest in getting married. But you know, I say I have a girlfriend have apartments us amazing physicians. She's at counter Lord, like you know. But in will always written books with characters from very early on. So. So it wasn't like, I mean, I feel like it will. Lying and that well, I mean, sure. But like that's also a whole other thing is people like not reading and you're like, no, like straight up. You can use the context clues like. Yeah, you can put it together like it's fine. I'm fine with you putting it. I'm trying to give you the information. But I would just imagine. I mean, again, it's like this has I wonder if people now even think about this, but like this has changed so much because I remember that very specific argument like separating queer adults, early, even people in their like late teens from like kids like how, how important that divide was to some well since human beings. Well, I think that feast fix that for us. Yes. Thanks the Catholicism that I grew up. Yeah, yeah. No. And I think you know, sat there, things that was War. I never. I never felt like people thought I was going to the dangerous around young people that reside Vegas more about talking about it and people not having head Palmer stations with your young people about queer issues. And so the kids being like not the parents not being ready to expose their kids to local homo sexuality. But what I think that that's really changed like kids, the kids, you know, you might, you know, might son who's ten. I know he's family, but you know, he talks about being gender non binary. Like the the language of young people is so broad in the spectrum is over on like their freakiness is like, what do you mean? Someone has to be straight like like then an end across the board of the young people meeting these days. They're like, you know how, how never assume had of sexuality and never never assume gender, like and these these straight. You know, these kids who are coming from all kinds of families having these very real conversations. And I think that's the work that people have done to to change the narrative. So so it's it's not a felt like early on. One thing that I would have to choose is if I was walking into a school. It wasn't, you know, an all black underserve school and you know, some Kim was like unmarried. It was kind of like, are you a big old night light and like, do I want them to focus on that? But I want them to focus on seeing, here's a black woman who's coming from sayings that same situation and and has made it as writer and making make it too. And I didn't want that. You know that that message to be race with them kind of being like while she's listening. So she so different for me that I can't even imagine doing what she does so so that that little, the kind of choices I felt like I had to make early on, and I think I don't anymore..

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