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To me it's it's smart now this may be still help the high majors because they have more opportunities early it's us definitely because you'll get teams for example say mary's middle tennessee state middle tennessee state who is in the top twenty five at a good portion throughout the year zach then omega issued aboy tournament dan no quality winds veto have enough despite the amount of wednesday half in order to get at large big but when you look at some of these on the bubble teams let's go through the acc first things first because it's a conference that is near and dear to me it involves by album modest syracuse i will ask you right now going into selection sunday and i think this is a very good chance all three are on the outside looking in bought syracuse louisville notre dame all very different sommes who's got the best resume going into the process who get the best chance you take to getting in onto added as louisville one nord into syracuse three okay i'll abby in louisville to me the their resume is the best i mean you know everyone's make it a big deal the nuredaim injuries and yeah there there were injuries but they lost some bad games they were healthy it lost the ball state it was the indiana i mean to me i i don't i think louisville's in i don't think the other two or three the hoover will get in you take dame just did not do enough even with the colson injury and i'm curious to see how they're going to evaluate that you don't know i don't know are they going will do that virginia k tech comeback in say a wow that's enough or the way they play advert jinya i'd say that's enough or they're going to say like you did well you had calls in and yours indiana yet calls in annual lost the ball state it's not enough of the tournament resume to be honest i don't think any of these teams i'll make an syracuse going to be on the outside i didn't wovles going to be on.

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