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In lake forest sixty eight in marina del rey seventyone and sunny in burbank we lead local from the kfi twenty four hour newsroom i'm amy king of us at home turn the volume down because i might get crazy welcome to the zoo we are the monkees delivery dr gary hoffmann and shannon darren if i wanted crap shut down my throat i'd be a fog ragas gary and shannon oh jerry that was a nice little dance routine treated us to start moving it around now i get the blood flowing use it or lose it that's what i always say hey at the bottom of this hour there is a great intriguing story about a reporter and her source who turn out to be a security aide i saw a tweet from judy farah this morning that said i'm so sad to judy in sacramento when we when we worked up there's reporters and she said i'm so sorry to read the story about this affair because so it's it's such a hard thing for women in journalism to overcome is cultivating sources and not sleeping your way to get to those sources it's like a misconception it doesn't happen but then stories like this come out and those misconceptions pick up more everybody goes see i told you right right it's a it's a great story so we'll talk about that at the bottom of the but we're going to start today with this very strange story that's now just a few hours old a firefighter struck and killed by gunfire as he was responding to a fire in an explosion this morning inside a senior home in long beach just shows that firefighters first responders never know what they're walking into corbin carson from kfi news has been on this story and joins us now with the very latest corbin so this morning about a four am as you guys mentioned a capsule responding to calls of an explosion there was gas reports of gas in the building some windows had been blown out but no sooner had they been there a few minutes is what i'm told at a very chaotic scene some shots were fired and three people were shot one civilian who is in surgery critically injured and another firefighter who is in stable but on unfortunately we were told that one of the firefighters were not did not make it as fortyfiveyearold fire captain dave rosa and he leaves behind a wife and two children now right now bomb squads are on that scene looking through that building a police chief has told us that possibly they're looking at this like it could have been an ambush situation so a lot going on down here who lives in this in this place this is a retirement home i spoke to a couple of them a couple of people that live there this morning rick and his wife were running down the stairs this morning so they're trying to get out as i said this is like a four or five level retirement home so they're trying to get out through the back stairs as soon as they hear the evacuation and the fire alarms going off and here's what rick said he saw and as soon as we got in the stairwell shut the door a gunshot went off and the city on the stairs gun in his hand and i hollered he's got a gun and someone else hold her gun we just ran back up to the door so as soon as as soon after that we you know we got their few hours after that and then police police and fire fighters were letting us know the situation that was going on at the scene in minutes after that they said hey everyone go over to saint mary's where i'm at right now and we had some news and that's when we got the news about a fire captain dave rosa i've seen two different reports and i think it's important to try to figure out which one is correct one says that there was a smell of gasoline inside the building when the firefighters arrived and there was another that just said smell of gas which to me me sounds something like a natural gas but possibly an accidental explosion do we know if it was gasoline or if it was natural gas that people were smelling you know right now that is an excellent question we haven't been told the distinguished on either of those but we have been told this is being treated as a homicide investigation and that bomb squad is on scene so it remains to.

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