Washington, Calvin Ridley, Bryant Pettus discussed on GSMC Football Podcast


Okay then in round two they go dante pettis wide receiver out of washington this isn't they needed a number one receiver but when i was talking number one receiver i'm thinking more dj more calvin ridley maybe you go out and signed bryant pettus i feel that this lot guy in a way he's like route winter specialists and all that not really that number one type receiver but nonetheless i mean it was a need and they did pick receiver so i mean if dante pettis produces then there's no problem but i just don't like it then they went fred warner linebacker at byu i like to pick like i said they did have a neat linebacker so they have just around three that a second pick around three they went with various more safety out of southern mississippi it's fine with me he's probably gonna be the backup safety there now that they got tartan the other guy but nonetheless very smart should be assault player for the forty niners then in around four they go contagious street defensive end under north carolina stately that another north carolina state player dj re defensive back out of kansas state marcella harris defensive back out of florida julian taylor defensive tackle at a temple and then richie james why receive out a middle tennessee state okay i would've liked them to address their biggest needs early on in the draft but they smart so did that towards the end so i mean yes they addressed it but did you get the best players you could at that spot with all of your picks.

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