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You know, because most of those trophy call like this wouldn't across the hall here all of that skews, Hispanic. No. Well, yeah. Actually, that's true. What are the five songs that every white person falls out to the mariachis when they're when they arrive in San Antonio need it material? Of. I wish that one ton Margarita do that one. Okay. The burrito. Yeah. Okay. One ton something. Okay. La Bamba there. Cucaracha? Thank you. Can you imagine when your kid drops out of school? It, dan. I want to pursue my dream. Are you gonna pay? You you want to be the next Ritchie Valance? Okay. All right, how stealth appoint how you how you gonna pay your bills. I'm not you not living under my roof. Well, I'm gonna be mariachi. You're gonna walk around being asked by white people. There's only five songs they know to ask for do. You realize what you've been doing all night? Yeah. And then they'll wanna sing along to they'll have that very smug. Look like, you know because they have to ask for a song. Sure. Would you like us on for the family for your lovely leading? Yeah. I think that would she's a good woman. I won't you play a lot Cucaracha all the family. Okay. Yeah. Okay. All right, guys. Let's fire up lot Cucaracha in two two tables over. So somebody else is doing LA Bamba. What else you got those three? Lethally? They don't know the name of it. So what would they call him? You know, what is funny? We ought to get us, you know, who's in a mariachi band. Our guy that owns southern front doors. His son is in a mariachi ban on the weekends. Just for..

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