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So especially when talking about the crimes in their cases. There's a lot of the careful out. So if they get so gotcha question that they answer wrong could affect literally affect their lives because if prosecutors who are trying to get though executed if all of that and use it against them trial when they go back to child. Well yeah it could have huge. Will we hear on the show. Take this as a privilege to cover these stories and have these conversations and while i have been reviewing some cases through the last few months with us doing the story around death penalty. Well they were a lot of really weird occurrences occurrences that didn't line up like some people getting the death penalty. That didn't actually kill anyone. It's not uncommon to execute people who participated in a murder but didn't actually kill anyone. When i was teaching my class at central present. There were two people who had been involved in some kind of a robbery that had ended in a murder and in both cases. They got the death penalty as the compasses. The actual shooter the one who did the killing not if the death penalty and that is actually pretty common. The happen is bizarre but it does happen a lot here. It just goes to show how much the attorney that you have matters. And how arbitrary the death penalty As you've got somebody with a good attorney who was the shooter and somebody who a bad attorney who would be accomplished. Then you're gonna wind up loose situation like that it can do with race f. The person who was the shooter was a different race alive. Person may be if you wind up with that kind of outcome and there are lots of other reasons attorney argues mental health or the shooter if sometimes if one person is given the death penalty the lawyer for the kota funding asked to move the trial to another county and if you have different jury than the death penalty is a lot of weird things that go into it in a statement for the two thousand seventeen world day against the death penalty united nations human rights experts commented that people living in poverty a disproportionately affected by the death penalty for many reasons. They're an easy target for the police. They cannot not afford a lawyer. The free legal assistance they might receive is of low quality procuring expert. Evidence is beyond their means. Tracing witnesses is too costly and access to appeals often depends on being able to afford extra council many cannot not afford pale and therefore remain in custody before their trials feather hindering that efforts to prepare an effective defense. You know we started covering the premeditated state-sanctioned murders which is really what the death penalty is. Well we started covering them because you know test. He says it best.

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