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It's thursday. i'm gap. He's jewels jobs. We got so much stuff going on because mountie. She'll put your gino winning his first trophies manager. I think his first kofi ever i. We'll be joined by franklin buff to talk a little bit about that in a minute. Manchester united top of the league first time in january. First time since the sir. Alex ferguson era by your munich. Out of the german cups is i don't mean the be. Let's start with tottenham hotspur because we've been talking about their chances are they're going to be better worse than last year. How they're pushing. I feel like i've seen this again. I think they've dropped ten points from leading positions. They played fulham last night. You figure you know not easy but full no time to prepare as well. We'll get to that in a minute. And there's more count sempe gab. They take the lead the play well for twenty five minutes and then they stop the talking and they just want to protect that lead. They want to control the game to manage the game. But there's another hour to go. But he's not a bad idea necessarily when you've sawn and harry kane and all these counter-attackers but you don't even counterattack. You do nothing. You just sit deep and you just wait and we saw that against wolves. What wolf scored in the end we against palace. Guess what in the end and now we see that a home at home against fulham where you just stop playing hurricane. One sean tonga. The whole game. That's his goal twenty minutes in after that. Nothing just nothing and i just don't understand why i'm more for protecting your lead in the last ten minutes you bring another center box in or i don't know you you put back five and you you make sure that you don't leave to more space and etc but no one. There's an hour to go. Don't give not extra confidence to the opposition team. Don't invite pressure. don't let them play. I i take your point. I'm wondering if maybe this was a game. Where i thought was very good when he was on the pitch. This is maybe a game where i always mentioned him. But if you have a lasalle so that you can bring on that may be all of a sudden you can keep the ball more. You can keep the ball further away. You can be a little bit more balanced in in how you do it. You know rather than going. I mean if you're if you're just right now do you go and you knock it down. Levi's store and say look. Don't look at me. This is the best i can do in this thing. That's true i don't. I'm sorry. I don't think that's the best you can do. I don't know the price. I lease the last time i spoke to some of them. They were happy but since december the six when they went top of the table the seven in the league. They lost two hundred four. I mean this is. This is not good enough. This is just not good enough. And i think you could say your needs better player or you need different profiles there and they're still. I still think that he gets his wrong. That tactics is wrong because the pleasure doing what he says. he's saying. Okay win the lead saw against arsenal in a second of and they were up and that was fine and they managed to get out and okay good but as we said against war against pilots against on this. Just not good enough. I'm sorry you keep talking. Last night. In a game against tim against fulham who had played three days three days before with the strongest team in the africa because he didn't play again for another week. Yeah that's an important. Try just just want to talk about this because the full amount you're coming out and he wasn't happy i feel like scott. Parker never really gets angry. Because he's too angry as scott parker but i think he completely has a point right so the spurs were supposed to play aston villa. Aston villa can't play because they have they have a colbert outbreak. And so the league looks at and says allah predates spurs your available. You need to make up your game against fulham. Okay fulham you go play and we. That's monday afternoon. that's monday. He gets confirmation of this right full on themselves have had their own cove outbreak which wind their gaming in spurs was supposed bone. A lot of their guys are unavailable or aren't fully fit. You find out so late. You're supposed to go and prepare for games. Look i don't i understand. Why the primarily did this. It's necessary but understand too that this whole season comes with a gigantic asterisk because these are not normal conditions. And i feel for scott parker a little bit. That said i'm with you. I i don't see how. How taught tottenham through this game away and it's happened again and again and we don't we go out and this is why i have such an issue. People bring up and weaning mentality and all the stuff right mentality when they can't really explain something right so when i perhaps played poorly and they win. Oh it's mentalities as mentality waiting mentality. it's the same say it's the same entice not mentality. It simply perhaps an approach. It didn't work but also think credit to fulham for for believing and for really going for the equalizer and how the belief that they could go and get it but the the there were to do. I just think it's a real shame because i could have gone on to win that game three all right. Let's try to figure this out drills because when you're saying this is actual instructions from from marino to his team. Now as i see it it's more a case of i'm going to defend deeper because i defend well and i'm comfortable fending. I think that's what he's trying to engender. You know a lot of times. We talk about teams. That are comfortable playing without the ball teams that they can sit out. Good nick and play for hours and the other team can't get a shot off right because they're good and they're sitting deep and that's fine and then you have other teams that sit deep all desperate and flailing all over the place. Yeah is that what you see in tottenham. Did you see them as uncomfortable. When they were sitting deep. I just see they consider five in the last six games gained five hundred numbers. But it shows you that they don't defend what otherwise they will not goals. And i think i think if you invite the pressure you yourself in a position where the other team will have the opportunity and the chance to create chances and to to school goals you know and i just think i just think if you hurricane right yesterday. He's i mean he made fourteen passes one four fourteen passes against fulham at home in ninety minutes and this is the new hurricane. The guy who's number nine number ten at the same time right i. I mean. I don't know i don't know how we fees may be happy with the season with these numbers other. No but if i was a playoff visibility in a team like this where i would spend an hour of of that kind of game and i'm not talking. You know game against liverpool city where you know you have to put extra effort and defend because that can give you a win team against the team like these fulham where you hurricane and you you nothing for you in that game. You scored okay. Greg crossbar regular header. Perfect after you've got nothing. I mean i would be. I will be fuming. So you see this more as as an issue of that because it seems to me there is not attacking enough or are they just not good enough in terms of being comfortable..

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