North Korea, New Zealand, Kim Jong Un discussed on Kentuckiana's Morning News


Radio. Eight forty W H A S. Our top story is a fatal stabbing in the city's south in the scene. The three hundred block of kill Mauri avenue. The call coming in at around two thirty this morning. A LAPD spokeswoman saying that stabbing appears to be domestic the victim's name is not been released. They are not looking for any outstanding suspects at this time. It's six thirty two at News Radio. Eight forty W H A S the armed attacks that killed at least forty nine people in two mosques in Christ's church. New Zealand have been labeled terrorism and online manifesto attributed to the primary suspect says he took inspiration from among others Charleston, South Carolina church shooter, Dylann roof during a national broadcast New Zealand's, Prime minister Justin to Arden spoke directly to the attackers may have chosen us, but we actually reject and condemn you've. While the attackers appeared to have a presence online. New Zealand national police Commissioner Mike Bush said the suspects were not known to law enforcement before the attack. Now agency had any information about these people. I can also tell you that I'll in contact with my straying colleagues. They have now information them at all either the manifesto attributed to the suspect said his goal in part was to deepen the political divide in the United States over the second amendment and gun rights. Jim Ryan ABC news. A Bank announcement coming from Toyota on Thursday. The automaker says it's making a two hundred thirty eight million dollar investment to add production of two models at the Georgetown, plant, the Lexus hybrid and route four hybrid governor. Matt Bevins' spoke at the announcement in Georgetown. I cannot think of a finer at best maybe as good, but to be as a corporate citizen that Toyota has been at every turn in every community. How blessed we are to have you. The plant will start production of the Lexus sedans in may and the wrath for SUV's in January twenty twenty Suzanne Duval, NewsRadio eight forty W H A S North Korea says the US has thrown away a goal. Golden opportunity and maybe rethinking its launch moratorium North Korea's considering ending denuclearization talks with the US and its leader Kim Jong UN will soon. Make an official announcement on his position North Korea's vice foreign minister chess on he told foreign press in Pyongyang that the country has no intention too. Ill to US demands, President Trump and Kim met for their second summit in Hanoi last month, but have failed to reach an agreement. Judy cho- ABC news, soothed Korea aunt..

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