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Or are they going to grab them where they're gonna get physical Stefan Gilmore, he's a physical corner when you wash them against the chiefs. That's what they did is these guys are fast. We got slow him down early. And we got to create pressure. I'm interested to see if they go the same sort of route against the Rams this time that they did to to start this whole thing. So what does McVay due to counter because this is the thing that I'm very much looking forward to seeing these two guys, right? The the the modern day Lombardi against somebody who in the first hour Steve Smith says has an opportunity at age thirty three freshly thirty-three making the Super Bowl, and obviously having an impact on the league to the point of other hires and we're seeing similar perations being put together. He thinks that McVeigh could have a similar Bella check type impact based on the way that this young career has started. What do you think about? Yeah. I mean. Yeah. The response. No, I'm not ready to put any. I mean what the patriots have done is. I don't think we're ever going to see that again. So I'm not ready to put anybody in that category. But you know, fascinating things that the Rams do formations and motions, you know, when you're talking about a team that plays a lot of man to man coverage. The hardest thing to do is. When a guy goes in motion, and you snap the ball when he's behind the quarterback or he's running a jet sweep and you're trying to play man to man coverage for that guy to be able to chase that guy to the other side of the field. And so with all the movements that they do how does that counter? What the patriots wanna do? How does that counter if they wanna play a lot man to man coverage? The other thing is now Todd Gurley has as caught a lot of passes last couple of years in this offense. They haven't necessarily used him in a lot of route running, but that's another area where I think the patriots are vulnerable is they're gonna play a lot of man coverage covering backs out of the backfield. I mean Alvin Kamara had eleven catches last week. And it just seemed like they could go to him. All day long. If they wanted to will there be something in this game plan from Sean McVeigh using Todd Gurley in an using Todd Gurley in the passing game in a different way stretch the field or get some match ups on a high tower or one of those linebackers that we haven't seen before. And so those are some things that I'm looking at because if Asan eating of how a patriots like the play and how they I I can see them attacking this, Sean McVay type offense. But some of the counters that that Sean my come up with few minutes left here with Kurt Warner pound the table for Isaac, Bruce whose name we might here Saturday night to join you in canton. I mean, all I can I've been around a lot of great players. Great receivers, you know, guys, like, Larry FitzGerald that we are first ballot guy in corn bold and Torry Holt greatest route runner up ever seen play this game that starts it because I've played against it. And and with a lot of great ones. But to me, the hardest thing is as you know, as you move farther into this thing, the stats of our game have gotten outrageous. But when Isaac Bruce retired. He was only the second receiver that had reached fifteen thousand yards in his career. I mean only him and Jerry Rice when he retired at that stage. Now, I mean, there's still only I think five guys that have done that. And so I think he's gotten overshadowed by some of these guys that were on individual teams. But what I think we have to remember is how great Isaac was before the greatest show on turf because we put everything together with the greatest show on turf in what he gave up still being a great receiver. But maybe we had Marshall. And we had Tori, and we had you know, we had is in all of these guys that he had to share the ball with had that guy been on a team where he was the main guy his whole career. I think we're talking about a guy. That's right there with Jerry Rice in terms of yards, and what he accomplished I just think that gets overshadowed a little bit because it was an unselfish team where everybody got touches, but he's still ranks top fifteen in catches still ranks top five in yards. It's time to get that guy in and then you could go beyond that and off. I mean, I think of hall of fame, and I don't just think of numbers. I don't just think of stats, I think of how you carry yourself what you meant to an organization and what you meant to the league. And there's nobody that carry themselves better than Isaac Bruce that represented this league better than him. You couple that with the stats. I think he should be a slam dunk to to be hall. Well, we'll find out on honors on Saturday night. And obviously, we'll talk. About our on game day morning on our pre game show that starts at nine AM eastern time. I includes a lot of this Xs and os Chattan. I are you aware of the piece that I'm shooting on Saturday to air on Sunday. Okay. I'm aware of I am going to start promoting my run at the com. Enrich run on behalf of Saint Jude. I'm going to run at the NFL Super Bowl experience. You are gonna run. I am on Saturday on Saturday. I thought he'd just unveiled that one time. I do, but I have to make an exception this time because the person who I'm running either with or hopefully not against is using bolt. Wow. Clap yet. Yeah. I don't know what you guys are cloudy. Is going to be a long day Sunday when we watch that video Oli cow. Let's as eight and a half hours. We get to talk about you know, I think it'll be later whatever noon, we might focus a little bit more on something called the Super Bowl leading up. Is this like is it going to be like, I feel like it's going to be like rocky because I know you're training. Are we gonna have like you out in the rain and the snow and Jason the rooster? I mean, is it going to be a whole thing? And then we give to the reason they don't show us. The end of the race is still hidden hidden frozen meat hung on. Yeah. I mean, I know you've been training for this year. So we need to see training video nothing else you'd better get ready for the comp. No, I'm I'm I'm doing it. I'm I don't know if you've noticed. But I mean, I I sorry. I didn't notice. I did. But I notice if you'd be using I dunno I run noticed that on shown expect to beat him. I don't know. I don't know what to expect tight, but it's set up. He's more of a one hundred two hundred forty you might be able to get them in. Slow starters. You know, as you know, I I have short bursts early sweep very short loves when I try physical challenge. I love that. I cannot wait for that video. I can't wait till Sunday. I'm even more excited. I mean, I was thinking is eight and a half hours and you get a call the game for three. What are you gonna do? It's gonna be a long day. But now that will help break it up. Give me a little extra energy. I'm looking forward to that Kurt team art, Kurt thirteen Warner on both Twitter and Instagram lovey, Kurt. Thanks for coming here. You bet. Kurt Warner here on the rich Eisen. Back with more in a moment..

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