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That's totally true it never two million years that have ever occurred to me like i got gotta so much evolve of that specific why because the music industry was such the poster child for will get the internet destroying our business and and if you think about it and so issue how this works out if you think about this sort of time wind for infrastructure yes like immediately like all the newspapers were merely served daiwa again because in texas small industries gus with zero effort and everyone i saw that all all the bad decisions they banned they put on this continent minor vow to pay while it it didn't matter like the overwhelming economic forces your decision cost like given that the entire business model is predicated control distribution yeah they were screwed no matter what happened like there's no there's no like oracle that of could have come along and told newspaper executives in the 1990s will the what they should have done they were this is we tablet those last week like there's different kinds of innovation or changes that come along and sometimes you're just screwed and this was the case four newspapers without without question that article would have had a really nasty message actually i think it would have had a message bit there's nothing you can do it right lay down and and enjoy being run over by this freight train i'm afraid rhett were music news was kind of in this in between thing where it took a little longer to hit but when it hit it still hit kinda like a ton of brixton than you know where where everyone is doubtless party music was is trivial is is truly easy to do and the music industry this is the without was the cause of apple the reason why i tunes could even come along with the business mother did is because apple had tremendous leverage over the music business not because apple but because piracy piracy was apples leverage and this is a lesson i think i apple are there made this point before the apple warned all the wrong lessons from i tunes and why they consistently failed when it comes to negotiate with media companies since then because there they expect the media companies to do it apple tell them to do and they don't appreciate that the reason the music companies do our app.

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