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One thousand FM ninety seven seven now the top stories from the KOMO twenty four seven news center. Good for you. You're getting a Pat on the back from state and local transportation officials for how you've done in the commutes without highway ninety nine through Seattle. Komo's Ryan Harris is at the DOT's traffic management center with where we've seen the worst of it. So far, we've really dodged a lot of bullets in several weekday commute since the viaduct closed because most of us are doing what we've been asked. We're either staying home to work or leaving earlier. That's led to a max of thirty minutes added to the normal drive times. And that was brief otherwise it's topped out at twenty minutes. Seattle department of transportation's mad says they still see sticky spots like the west Seattle bridge. But the peak time is spreading as we get towards the tail end of the of the peach lightning a bit. But it's definitely heavier earlier. Those those folks who are coming in early are helping making a difference in getting everyone in the town. But they're also spending a little bit more time to warnings from dot and washed up. This doesn't mean it's time to get complacent. And remember things always get heavier in the rain at the transportation management center. Ryan Harris, KOMO news. King County metro says more people are riding the buses in the first few days of the Seattle squeeze while. The hard numbers aren't in just yet Bill Bryant. With metro transit says the buses are filling up then they have extras on standby just in case going to about eight standby coaches on the weekends all day every weekend throughout the period had even more than that during the week. But Bryant cautions that commuters might get complacent and revert back to their old habits driving their cars and adding to the congestion in the coming days. Jeff Pohjola, KOMO news divide that will soon be torn down. And komo's Charlie Harker tells us the city council is finalizing plans to reshape the waterfront the to have a waterfront park and redo the streets and sidewalks. It all comes at a cost and the council is considering an idea to tax property owners who live in the area to pay for it councilmember, Deborah Juarez and Joshua Curtis with the city's office of the waterfront disgusted. Owner the median chances nine hundred hundred dollars you had twenty years to pay it. Correct. You can pay off all at once or you can finance it with commercial owner and years says at five thousand nine hundred twenty years to pay correct five thousand nine hundred dollars say the cost should be spread out across the entire city. Not just pay by neighborhood property owners. The council is expected to vote on the measure in the coming weeks. Charlie Harger, KOMO news. Seattle police are urging the person who fatally stabbed a man and west.

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