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He's never changed that and then said so. When chris bassett brought up that chris was about the beat michaels ass notice. He ain't he was like yeah and he's like and i came to you and he's like you're right respect that it was like. Yeah 'cause he don't have no problem with chris and low key. I feel like he don't really have a problem. We can see the. It's kind of like the way that he reacted after the fight. He's like oh man. This sucks. I like anderson chris. I'm like that's interesting way. And then when they were leaving and both of the christmas or who's like men on wasn't yelling at you of wasn't yelling yelling at you and they're like endebted up in his over in it's like they. They actually are grownups. And it's like he's like i don't know if our wives are going to be friends again. They're not but and so and i. It's like you're going to have stick with your wife and that's what you're going to have to do it and it's fine. You're we have to see each other. But as of last night only says she's done with With housewives reality tv. Because the. i'm like honey. It's very interesting you're doing that. You're doing that because it didn't go the way you wanted. So it's very interesting that people are like. Oh my god. It was old great two and three. Oh my god. They treat around there so much bias against monique somebody up. It's like you have to be accountable that he couldn't let her skate. Because you can't see here and go okay. So physical violence is okay because everybody likes. Monique no baby is not okay as she help but i also thought she should have come back to at least do i know mon. Niimi is a goldstar housewife when she came back to housewives what does she do she apologized to either. I didn't like her apology but she's still gave it. She apologized to work..

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