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Lead the way it does when you're doing stand up and when you're on film or TV, so so you can, you know. It's like a boat on the water. It's a large it. It Moore's being displaced. So you don't have to worry second to second about ram screwing up. I think I would love the commod ary for sure I would thrive during rehearsal. Yeah, and then I would ultimately get comfortable on stage at some point. And then I would become Lert board. Well, what. Well, that's what being an actress about. But, but but you you weren't. I don't think you would be bored. I'm kidding. I would be in thrall. Listen, I, you know, I liked it changes right people on the, oh my God. I couldn't do that day in day out. I, it's so funny. I said to my dad, my dad when my dad was alive. We're having this conversation and he was saying so, so what's it like? He didn't really see me have great, great success, but I was I was working actor at least before he passed away. And we were a so. What's like, you know, when you're doing a play, we're having this saying because he wasn't really a theater guy. Fairly my mom was. He said, I said, oh, you know, it's good, it's, but then there's, there's the repetitions when you're doing a long run, you know you're saying the same words day after day. And so that's challenging and it sometimes you have to really fight the thing. And that's the part that's a little China goes, hey, he said, 'cause he was. He was a salesman. He was. He said, what do you think I did for twenty five years. I went into stores and I said the same things to the same guys. Wow, wow, amazing. Yeah. That's why that's business. And you had to make it seem like it was the first time he ever says every I got to make it fresh. That's what I have. Dad wrote a monologue and performed it. That's right on a daily basis to the same audience, at least I get a new crazy. Yeah, that's kind of beautiful. Well, thank you. I don't know that we've had such a good ask Kevin in a very, very long time quite like, and now it's time for Kevin's pop quiz between five and fifteen points possible for each of the following request. What do I get for the final scores tabulated it will be posted on our website along with current standing among the top one hundred. Are you ready? Question number one, Keith, David, or David, Keith. Try to remember which is good. Keep David David cave. That's correct. Question number two, Carl weathers or the weather in Carlsbad. Carl weathers. Let's correct. Last question Steve. No, that's three, three, Tony shillue just. Oh, I can't. Thank you enough. Thank you. Have thanks for dinner last night, please. So that was marvelous and lovely and wonderful restaurant in, you know, you didn't have to treat me. Thanks. I hope you weren't disappointed that I didn't pull yield or. No, listen, you will definitely hear more and more about how I treat it as the weeks. If we didn't have a play to go catch good, we'd be would continue this conversation. But we have just enough time to leisurely, walk to the theater and we will. Thank you pal. Thank you. That really was great. Now, please sit there and comfortably while I wrap things up for the folks at home, that's what it's like to spend a little over an hour with the Tony shalhoub, the Tony winning, Tony. That's what I like to call him when he's not in the room. And.

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