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Each weekday morning here on KQED public radio about housing is sitting in for day Freeman this morning and the time now it's five thirty five this morning edition from NPR news I'm David green in Culver city California and I know well king in Washington DC good morning people importer Rico R. AG every two big earthquakes on the island the last one was on Saturday was a five point nine a bigger quake four days before that killed one person much of the south lost power and there are millions of dollars in damage and here is Adrian Florido is in San Juan Puerto Rico Adrian I know so I was watching your Twitter feed and you were there on Saturday one that aftershock hit where were you in port Rico exactly and what were you feeling I was in the city of Ponce which is a near the edge of the affected center region here it's been the most of these earthquakes have been centered in the south it was that five point nine aftershock on Saturday that sort of scared a lot of people here it was pretty scary I felt really strong there've been a lot of aftershocks since then including a couple of moderate ones last night and our seismologists saying that Porter Rico should expect more after shocks yeah they're saying that they could continue for at least a couple of weeks and so they're saying people should be prepared for those and and you know all this shaking his people in in Portugal south really on edge dealing with a lot of anxiety that big quakes last week crumbled hundreds of homes and and damaged a lot that did not necessarily tumble to the ground and so the big issue right now is that thousands of people have left their homes are too afraid to sleep inside out of fear that there could be the next one to come up with another quake hits and so people have been sleeping in these makeshift encampments or in these big open air shelters that local officials have set up on sports fields and I guess the terrifying thing is that you can't if seismologists are saying we could have aftershocks for the next couple of weeks who are not going to want to go back into their homes until they're sure that this is all over when you were out there talking to people what were they telling you about how they're making plans how they're dealing with each year injuries and just things like getting food and and you know using the restroom yeah I mean people aren't coping terribly well on the big thing I think is the mental health issues that sort of people feel like they're you know mental health officials say it is say could could get out of hand because of all the anxiety all the uncertainty Porter Rico is not used to earthquakes into people haven't generally been sort of accustomed to dealing with them at these encampments you have a you know on the one hand thousands of people across several towns sleeping in tents or under tarps or out in the open protected by nothing more than you the shade of a tree with no sense of unease quick second stop and therefore no real sense of on the go home isn't in their homes are safe to return to I'm so that's sort of the the green scene on the other hand you have a solidarity forming in in in large part because Porter Rican from other parts of the island have been mobilizing to make sure that these people are taking care of people across the island at the cooking huge pots of food they've been delivering toiletries close air mattresses there's so many people coming into the southern region it's actually causing traffic jams leading into these towns that's a nice thing to hear Adrian at Porter got hit very hard by her came Maria in two thousand and seventeen and it's still recovering from that so is it too early to say right now what recovery from these quakes is going to look like yeah and and it'll depend on a few things right one is that first of all you know people say they will not go back into these aftershocks of calm down and so we just don't know when that's going to happen the second is that many people say they want their homes inspected are there aren't a lot of engineers doing that work right now and then there are people who don't have any homes to go back to the future is uncertain if president trump signed a federal disaster declaration which the island's governor has requested that could provide money to speed things along and there is a major in Florida in port Rico thanks thanks last night the billionaire CEO Michael McCain head of one of Canada's largest food companies took to Twitter blasting the trump administration's Iran policy he referred to the victims in the shoot down of Ukrainian airliner there last week as quote collateral damage of this irresponsible dangerous ill conceived behavior and quote as David McGovern reports from auto with that accusation by the head of maple leaf foods as part of a growing anti trump narrative surrounding this air disaster Canadian questions about who is at fault for the downing of flight seven five two began quickly here's ABC news Washington correspondent Katie Simpson reporting the day after the passenger jet was downed I think a significant question that Canadians and particularly the families of these victims are going to have is are sixty three Canadians dead because of the the unintended consequences of a decision made by the U. S. president the number of Canadians killed has since been lowered from sixty three to fifty seven specifically the question for many here is why trump ordered the killing of a rams top general when he did sparking retaliation that led to around downing the Ukrainian passenger jet Charles Adler is a popular Canadian conservative talk radio host like many here he isn't letting around off the hook but he's also pointing the finger of blame at the White House he runs recklessness comes in response to the United States ordered killing of Iran's architect of terror the head of their special codes force general Soleimani I'll go to my grave believing those innocents who died aboard Ukrainian airlines flight seven fifty two would not have died had it not been for trump's decision to kill the general that commentary went viral here so too did a maclean's newsmagazine column written by another conservative commentator Scott Gilmore which featured this one headline Donald Trump gets impeached Canadians die years Gilmore talking to the CBC I could see a direct line between the impeachment of the president afterward being outraged at how unfairly treated he saw himself and continually trying to change the the topic to the economy strength US military a change of topic Gilmore says that led to the U. S. killing of general sort of money and then the downing of flight seven five two Gilmore says he has received an overwhelmingly positive response to his article not too surprising in a country where Donald trump's approval rating sit around twenty percent but many in Canada's political and military establishment see the events differently retired Major General David Fraser led Canadian combat operations during the war in Afghanistan this is a failure of Iranian military planning a planning that you know they knew they were in a strike into a rock they're gonna put their defense systems on high alert and eating coordinate with the civilian authorities so that there's just a failure of the Iranian command control structure to manage their airspace prime minister Trudeau has also avoided pending any blame on trump when asked directly about it by reporters as he was over the weekend the reality is there have been a significant tensions in that region for a long time and what we are calling for now isn't the escalation to ensure that there are no more tragic accidents or loss of civilian life our focus right now is primarily on ensuring accountability answers and closure for the victims and that is what we are engaged Trudeau says the questions that need to be answered are all to be found in Iran the Iranian government has now issued a Levin visas to Canadian crash investigators and officials Canada's foreign minister says.

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