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It's time for tweet this week in tech special episode was almost exactly fifteen years ago. Fifteen years ago April seventeenth that the very first show was recorded. It wasn't called twit. At the time it was called the revenge of the and we had to bleep a the screensavers out. But I am so thrilled to get the original three guys who join me on that very first less than half hour show. You heard Patrick Norton who could miss him. It's good to see you Patrick. Pleasure to be here. I'm just laughing because I'm remembering the threats from the lawyers which always makes me giggle with joy. Whenever I think of lawyers threatening to sue we got a cease and desist from G. Four Tech TV. And of course we had to be very careful because this guy was still working there. Kevin rose to see you and it's good to be here. I can't believe it's been fifteen years. That's insanity I think your life has changed more than anybody's in that fifteen years I would say I would. I don't know we I couple of kids that's ground. Yeah I gotta be honest Artichoke Department upgraded sensory designed behind you. I see a beautiful home there. If nothing else you ve vastly improved the environment. You're living in like no disrespect to the house last house. I saw you guys sharing we living in a garage and we had used a KIA furniture. That was the old tech. Dvd's those were the good old days also joining us Patrick's partner in crime on Av Excel. It's my friend Robert Harran HARAN FIDELITY DOT COM. Hi Robert Leo. Always good to see. Your House is still empty except for the equipment and that's as it should be pretty much and yeah and a brand new box right behind the other side that thing. I've got on boxing. Now take a look at even talk about it. This is this is. This is like the skis. Jobs photo where he's just squatting on the floor of the stereo equipment around surrounded by cool stuff. Lots of test equipment. I I had the misfortune of going back in preparation for this and listening to that. First revenge of the screensavers which by the way we The acronym Trots was the worst part. Worst POSSIBLE AGAM although it's gotten worse and It was a frankly a painful shirt for Mita. Listen to because I think I was. I was really over anxious. I think I wanted it to succeed so badly that I was pushing too hard and so it was not for me. It wasn't a great show for some reason. I think mostly you guys people wanted to hear it because tech TV had disbanded the year before Kevin was down in L. Doing what was to become was it. The attack of the show at that point Kevin or yep leaves so they changed it pretty quickly to the attack the show. Will they fired? They got rid of Alex. Albrecht which sucked because we had a lot of fun doing that show together and then they brought Kevin Pereira on and then that's when the name change. Yeah change before that. I'm I think it had because I thought I could use the revenge of the screen savers and the and the letter said we're not done with that name yet so. I think that's what that's what happened and Patrick and I were left behind in San Francisco they didn't take to La. I you know it's hard to make a move when someone doesn't want you doesn't talk to you and then was a is. There is no reason to go to to pay my own way to go to La. When I was pretty sure they were gonNA kill the show as we knew it anyway. Yeah Yeah not just not worth it. Robert Did you do at the end of the tech. Tv I went to g four. We ENDED UP SETTING UP. A lab briefly down there but otherwise ended up working with the folks on attack of the show until they had another round of layoffs. In then at that point I took a good break and then came back to the bay area and worked for more Davis properties. Like extreme tack and magazine. And that's who you writing for when we did the first show you mentioned extreme Tech Patrick. Also reading extreme tech and awesome ended publication which lasted long. Called Extreme ipod lasted for a while until lawyers came out. You know we also replaced that with the TV when we got our hands on the first Gosh was that two thousand fourteen thousand five two thousand five I think and the two thousand five. We got our hands on the first try caster and built the studio around the try. Casper which was like you know after watching after building the tech. Tv said it was like seven million dollars studio and it's like well we just did it for like twenty grand right right That was that was like okay. This is this is what disruptive means when you replace a million dollars worth of equipment with like forty thousand dollars worth of equipment. That was pretty crazy. So you can do yeah. People are doing at home now with at eight ten mini for three hundred bucks in a couple of DSL sitting around right people think that divorce was on the original show. He wasn't in didn't show up. I think 'til episode four so he wasn't. This is who was on the original show. So it's fun to get you guys back again. David prager there for whatever reason no cal he might have been hiding. He's he's always somewhere. My wife was there. Was there well the first time. Yes all of them were there we did it at the Twenty First Amendment Brewery. Right after macworld. But that wasn't I don't consider that the first tweet because that was many months earlier And that that was like in January February after macworld expo and that was more just test. But yes Sarah was there. Prager was there for that one and I think all of you as well so yeah. It's it's kind of fun that That you guys are. What's interesting is shortly after that. Kevin you left g four and started revision. Three right. Was there for one year. Yeah so I was. I was at G. Four for one year we started. Read three and dig right around the same time. Yup Yup so. I'm the only one still standing tall. I mean you're all standing but I'm the only this is the only thing that started in two thousand five. That's still going that's saying in the PODCAST business. That's seeing a lot since most podcast. I after a week so the fact that we're still here fifteen years later. No Co there were no. There were no sponsors back then right in this. I remember when we were doing dig nation. We had a ton of viewers but then finally slowly sponsor started to come online. We'd go daddy. There wasn't a lot of money to be made. And then I look at you know. Joe Rogan who's doing double digit millions in a year and rather than an episode of impending. I count it but yet insane we when we first started. I didn't want to Do advertise I wanted to do as Patrick has done. His shows with the we didn't have Patriot in those days. But it was a tip jar that kind of thing But that did that was good for one show but it wasn't wasn't enough to pay anybody or have any help or anything else. It was just enough for one show so it took us a couple of three years but we finally said I finally said okay. We'll do advertisers and Yeah at this point. We're entirely ad-supported. Although thanks to cove in nineteen there's a little thinning out of the heard. If you know what I mean. I think that Rogan guy might make it though. I think he's probably GONNA survive. You know who's visiting real quickly pop in. This is an older feature of the Old Shows. I used to watch like the tonight show people would like Bob. Hope would pop in and he'd be across the way he did he show up. Look at this a friend from the past Scott. Harriet squash is here. Sky was never ever on the twitter. I don't know why never asked you. But that's probably because you were busy making movies. Yeah still doing that still again as I told you before we a- went on the air here of I make just enough to still live with my eighty-seven-year-old parents down in southern California. So it's but it's been it's been great it's been it's been fun able to do primarily hiking films and You know gone around the World Australia. Iceland just hiked in Ireland on a new route last year. And take about three months to hibernate. Edit them together and put them up on squash films dot com. That's awesome yeah. People may remember Scott from Internet tonight. Which was the high end. Fancy SHOW UNSEAT ATV IN TECH TV one with rightness producer. I think always back the experienced skaters though you guys were like you were the highest rated show. I think we were second but I mean you think you. Your audience brought a lot of people to our show. A lot of people because yours was yours. Yours was the show for real people normal people about. Oh look what's on the Internet. Yes yeah yeah. Which was that? That was so fun man those days well and Michaela Pereira. Who's gone on to fame and fortune? you guys were funny so it was a funny show and you were a comic so that was a that was easily the most entertaining show on the network but it turned out what people really wanted was. You know we're going to install a lennox On this box and it'll take us in our. Maybe it'll be time before. The show is over that for some reason. People like that you are able to do. Both you know both to be informative and entertaining if if I attempted anything of that Technological level I you know you could have would be hearing the TV sets turning off but you tell me. You're a geek now. Well a more of a geek. I remember it because I actually took pride at the time that I was really the the here end user host on the show everyone else knew so much more about tech than I did and my interest wasn't in it really but as the as the GIG was winding down with the Internet tonight got cancelled and then they were cool enough to keep me on for a year where I was on the show with you guys and remember Kevin Rose sitting right next to man. I remember thinking to myself. This kid's never going to be a millionaire right on the money with Kim There. So and then Yeah I I always look back on. Those times is just being cornball word but really magical really fun and what a great place to live there in the bay area and and then absorbing all that technological info and then when the GIG ended I I wanted to edit my own documentaries remember. What was his now mark veto. Remember mark the editor. Yeah he was the number one guy. He's going again and this is at that time he would go dude for like eight thousand dollars. You can get final. Cut Pro. A powerbook Mini Devi. Cameras can make your own documentaries and it looked good in a in a theater and like you know great. And that's what I did and started making. What else should on now? I actually shoot on a Canon H F G ten which is one of their cinema cameras. Yeah those are good. I just I just kind of correctly or incorrectly. Women this is a camcorder. Oh that's the same thing.

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