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Color packs before yeah but I don't know if people planted those certainly you could plan it is a summer annual I was gonna say I've seen it outside in the warmer months I don't I don't see them available in color packs through the cooler months which I'm assuming in basically outside they kind of die off in the winter time but I will say that sometimes in those well protected shady areas of the yard I have seen them in mission hills in people's homes through the year but when it gets really cold and wet they get a bit the lady and people probably would then just take him out and then replaced him again in the spring or summer with new plants so I I I think it's more treated like an annual like what you're saying John van a forever are outside plant that you might think of we've got a question on Facebook and let us tell you right now no question is off subject you can take it in any direction you want to John do you see that from Diane's artists right your question John no I don't refresh can you read it right let's see if I can okay this maybe our subject I live in the reading California I can my other trucks back now when they're about to twelve to eighteen inches high and they get too tall by the time the fruit should I cut them back again now we're getting a call sorry show should go somewhere doormen you know the going this time in your right ear WA January February soon to get really cold you know mine in my yard still have wonderful growing foliage on them as well though but I definitely don't have any blooms any longer so she's saying though that when they do get the artichoke on I think it should get there they're too tall yeah there there over a foot twenty two inches high that's when they get too tall and now this should should I guess basically should you come back right now I think she's cut them back to twelve to eighteen inches because they're much taller as a noun right I would get them back down to the ground you know if if if if they're getting too tall for her and I don't think there's any harm in cutting him down as a special right now this time he yelled like a sailor he is more of kind of the standard winter pruning thing for she's in reading so January February yeah I think what you might do in reading is just let the cold weather take care of them yeah and not come back and then come back to the ground let him come back up but the way that artichokes naturally grow there they produced their fruit and tall stands right so they're gonna be tall anyway but yeah I think if you you took it down towards the end of winter not the beginning might be better because as long as the plant is especially perennials as long as they're still growing they're producing sugars and things that they need for the following season and.

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