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Old now, Macleod insists on paying for dinner every Wednesday night when he goes out with his two nieces and their spouses. It started four years ago, when Paula Foster decided she wanted to get her uncle out of the house after he lost his wife. He was taking care of her for the last year for a life of home to his pretty worn out, the weekly dinners have continued right through the pandemic. With a family bundling up in blankets sitting outside by fire pits and propane heaters quality to make the worst in Trotter. Just stay with my nieces and nephews. Just great Kempton, a class WBZ, Boston's news radio, I think I'm gonna pass on that 6 17. Now there's growing concern about a more contagious strain of coronavirus these days. As new evidence begins to mount that vaccines might be less effective against it. ABC News correspondent Soran Shot with more South African covert variant is now here in the United States to people with confirmed diagnosis in South Carolina, and neither know each other. The CDC is cautioning Americans to not travel Anthony Fauci saying work. It's currently being done for a booster shot to bring up the effectiveness of the visor and Madonna. Vaccines will already be on the road to being able to Give people a boost that directs against the South African isolate. That's what we're doing right now. So it's just, you know, we're not taking any chances. Dorian Shaw ABC NEWS LOS Angeles Push for relief in the nation's capital, President Biden continues to try to work with Republicans to get a nearly $2 trillion financial stimulus package through But Democrats warned that they may try a political strategy to pass a plan with a simple majority. It's called reconciliation and it could be coming to a Congress near you soon. Clearing up the clutter for those looking to schedule a covert vaccination here in Massachusetts. WBC's Karen Regal says emergency legislation is hoping to make that process a little bit easier. Legislation would drastically streamline the cluttered set up that exist now, creating a one stop set up online for scheduling and also creating a phone scheduling system. For people who really aren't into Tech One link people can go to essentially book Their covert 19 vaccination appointment. The same way open table would work for a restaurant reservation or that orbits or Travelocity or kayak works for AH hotel medal. Senator Eric Lesser introduced the legislation There have been Lots of complaints about the way things are set up now. Karen Regal WBZ Boston's news radio, 6 19 and mainly clear skies before sunrise here in Boston, But It's a big but nine degrees here in Boston. Well,.

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