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We're still working on manufacturing cause we're gonna make it union made in the USA and it is very hard to find a unionized. Hello, manufacturer in the United States of anybody want knows One, please dm me on Twitter or reach out on gonna get sustainable everything and partner control as well as to help raise money for good causes. It is a for profit, but a big part of it is to have a social enterprise kind of component. So This guy now if he can actually get this thing up and running. Initially, that guy's gonna make bank because there are a lot of dopey liberals out there who will buy the hug pillow. Even if it sucks. It doesn't really matter. They're gonna They're gonna love that He's attached to it. You know, And so he's going to make some money off of that. But it's your local pillow makers. 9 25, right. That's the thing is, he wants to find a pillow manufacturing outfit that already exists is unionized, ethically sourced and carbon neutral. Yes, that doesn't exist. That's not a thing. I didn't want to start his own factory or something like that. I mean, I guess man more power to him. If you wants to do it, I wish him all the best. I just think it's funny, by the way. Just another Funny little side note on this. So the little headline that's under or they called Chiron. That's below on the lower third of the screen as they were interviewing David Hog today on CNN. So they're talking about him trying to bury my pillow, right? The headline reads. David Hog Tow Launch Pillow Company to compete with Mr Pillow. Mr Pillows, pillows? I think I think someone was watching The Simpsons episode of Mr Plow just got the names mixed up or something. I don't know. That's just the exclamation point on how ridiculous this whole thing is. Well, by the way, just clear up on something because when you first brought this up And I was like, Is it already out? Are you talking about the new ads that are out there for this square pillow? It's like, not like traditional Pilar. That's completely different. No, no. Yeah. And, um, Scott, you're looking at me like I got eight heads. I'll explain that when you're on YouTube or something else and adds, just pop up. I had just seen an ad for a square pillow. Really? Yes. Interesting. That's not the hard pillow. Something different. Okay. My square pillow. That's not well. The new progressive pillows called our pillow. Really Don't know. Yeah, I need to share our way. Somebody has somebody comes into your house and takes it and you can't do anything about it. E mean, pillow equality has been an issue for years. Well, pillow access. I mean, we're living in pillow Desert that right? Just don't have can't have it. I don't know what the future plans Daren't. There's gonna be a don't know with with hog pillow. I don't know if there's going to be like a grand re opening. Of this or if it's going to be a I don't know. What would you call it? A soft.

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