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Do you think do you think. We didn't see it because we were fooling around or something like that. And I thought she thought it was an autocratic typo. And I said, do you, are you asking nNcholas cage was just trying to make the crew laugh? Or are you asking if if they were just like in the we're just having a good time. Oh, you mean did we start fucking. I wasn't a texting her sitting next to you was later. It was the next day because I sent her the close by the way that movies you missed though the movie ended and you just ran the bed and went to sleep. You didn't like, oh, this is the thing I said. I said, this is where we ever the bees, well, movies over. If the video tomorrow. Sleeping. Seaming. I'm. I'll read it tomorrow. I got there. I if you're listening to the story, the subtext there was the there was the movie. We didn't make it to the end. We were because of my. Because of my my active life. Okay. Nice. Do you you? You watched. You didn't watch into the end of the movie looking at you. He was burning to death, and I was really probably doing a really good job like fucking. I was like, God, did you. Ask you how good you eat pussy. Do we have to sit through another nine? Our dissertation. Good Diene harmony, pussy. Story since you're ninety. Did, but I put..

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