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Back. Everyone to the Doug David show in. I'm here with Monica. Layton, president of professional pet sitting and she has a wonderful pet tip of the week for us. And you know, Monica all of our animals at some point have some level of pain. Whether it be severe after surgery or just pain could be arthritis. Can you tell us some ways for us to do with pain, synthesis animal pain awareness month? Yes. Timber is animal pain awareness month. And I always kind of like to bring up some of the things that we can do to help our pets day pain-free, especially as Petra aging. They can get into arthritic issues, you'll get knee issues, hip pain, and not can really, you know, take a toll on our furry friends. So a couple of things if you have even as a puppy if you have a larger way jog or dog that's more prone to hip display, ges or knee issues. You know start. Them out on glucose Amine supplements, you know, as young as possible and for all pets. I mean, I have all my guys on glucose Amine, enjoying supplements simply because every single day when these pets are running and being active your joins are degrading small amount over time as we age on a regular basis and the glucose Amine will not put cartilage back on your joy, but it will help. So it doesn't come office quickly. So, you know, something as easy as a Greco semaine chew for a pet can really add on extra time to wear some of these pain issues can be prolonged not that your pets never going to have them. But if you start with the supplementation at an early age than degenerative loss that they can get can be less as they age. That's always the first step when it comes to, you know, arthritic issues things of that nature. When the glucose Amine supplements and things like that aren't enough and the pet is having a Nuff of a pain threshold to where you have to get into therapeutic things, and you always have side effects, which is a huge huge things. One. Most of the pets that are having these are big issues are the majority odor pets. So these pets you have to be concerned over kidney liver heart things like these to begin with. And then when you add in some pain, medications, some of them can't have side effects. You know, that can produce excessive, you know, kidney damage or excessive liver damage, so always being cautious about running blood before you start any kind of pain medications by your veterinarian having a blood run on a regular basis. I would say at least every three to six months just to make sure that the levels are staying where they should because if you started pain medication. Those levels can raise because of the medication and sometimes you won't know it until they become sick. So if you've run the blood, we usually recommend when you start a pain medication running blood before you start it, and then thirty days later, so after you've been on it thirty days, make sure you have another panel run to make sure that those levels are not getting too high on that medication. And if they are, you know, we need to you know, suggest maybe switching to something else. They have a product called Gallup print, which is a pain medication that came out this year that does not have some of the side effects that some of our remedy ills in medications and things do on the kidney and liver. So there, you know, is an option there and another option I always like to recommend and talk to people about is the laser treatments, and the acupunctures things that really have minimal extremely minimal side effects. You do not want to laser a cancer patient. But besides that, really. Any other patient can have laser therapy. It's extremely safe therapeutic. Lasers how they work is they supercharge your blood cells. So when the laser is put over an inflammation when you have a joint or a hip or a bath. Maybe there's something a disc or have knee meniscus tear things of that nature, those tears in those injuries. They cause inflammation in that joint. So inflammations kind of like thinking to think of it kind of like is dirt in a, you know, in water or something you have a pile of water in the near adding jerk to it. So it's kind of clogging up that water is getting grows as getting murky, and it's not going to you know, if you put sand inside water, it's not gonna flow. It's not going to be as effective. So when you put the laser over that area. The blood cells are going to dump all the talks ins and the bad stuff from blood cell, and it's going to add oxygen. To it. And when you add oxygen to it. They work more effectively and efficiently. So therefore, the inflammation is going to start coming down. And the inflammation is oftentimes what causes the pain in that area. So you can get a lot of relief that way. There's, you know, same thing for wound care, there's a lot of things that you can do with you know, with a laser therapy laser, and it's extremely safe. If anybody is interested in getting more information on it. We personally have the K laser there's different types out there. But if you go online, it's WWW dot K laser USA dot com, and they have little videos, they have it for people who have clients that came in and they had a bath a dog that's back with slipping deaths, and we usually around that, you know, talk come in paralyzed, and we are able to oftentimes return their function and get them feeling good again. And the clients were just amazed to where they come in. And they're like we want it done on us where can we go? And they do, you know, a lot of the orthopedic doctors here nose and throat.

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