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Gained momentum in nineteen sixty four. King became the youngest person to win the Nobel peace prize. He was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee on April fourth nineteen sixty eight this week in nineteen sixty seven at the Los Angeles Coliseum. The Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl one in this historic game. Played before a crowd of about sixty two thousand people Green Bay scored three touchdowns in the second half to defeat the chiefs thirty five to ten led by MVP quarterback. Bart Starr for the wind each member of the Packers collected fifteen thousand dollars the largest single game. Share in the history of team sports this week in one thousand nine hundred eighty one Ronald Reagan is sworn in as the fortieth president of the United States. Reagan would win reelection. And served a total of eight years and survived an assassination attempt in one thousand nine hundred one he passed away June fifth two thousand four and this week in two thousand nine GM oxen's off historic cars from its heritage collection. Some of the cars that were sold a nineteen Ninety-six Buick Blackhawk concept car for five hundred twenty two thousand dollars a sixty nine Camaros Zia one coupe for three hundred nineteen thousand dollars and in nineteen fifty nine corvette convertible for two hundred twenty thousand dollars. That's your look back at this week in history. The streets below traffic had stopped productions were lying on sidewalks and curled up doorways. No son of violence. No wrecks nothing like that. The people in New York. To stop whatever they were doing and pass out ice coated my stomach the invasion started. I know happens next read Percy Jackson in the Olympia by Rick Mears, explore new worlds in Chicago more cool books at your local library and visit dot gov. Brought to you by the library of congress and the Ad Council. Go KT, okay dot com and download iheartradio for free. There weren't very many businesses over the holidays that were as busy as legacy box was the staff at their production facility in Tennessee. They had to expand the staff.

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