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Problems in new york really a much better player at home almost eight fancy points better at home but a young talented wide receiver could we see robbie enerson make a leap next here we could but it's going to be completely depending on the quarterback and i don't think they're going to have a quarterback that allows him to make that leap forward i robbie anderson is a towns of wide receiver and if you look at how the year started three of those six bust he had on the year almost first five weeks where the you know he hadn't really come out of the doldrums he hadn't separated himself to be the number one wide receiver yet if you were to take out three bus from his less he jumps all the way up to the numbers twelve most consistent wide receiver so the the problem with robbie is clear is just quarter boots thrown in the ball if josh mccown comes back next year i will happily draft robbie anderson added value for i can still be and i do yeah and i think he would stay he'll be of value i think he'll get up to a great start and i'll try to trade him before josh mccown kamikazes inevitably nabli falls on his own sword yet ends touchdown regressions likely coming for robbie anderson seven touchdowns on sixty three receptions little bit a news i we didn't mention it the raiders did officially higher pa guenther his defensive coordinator and greg olson then the offensive coordinator i do not unlike the greg olsen higher nope it reeks of old school old school and they want to run the ball a retreaded name who i've never liked so i'd take that for what you were i've never been a greg olsen fyi i'm just see coach the world's most woolsey mean what their inventor your soubre skeptical of grew nettie got some success there again i don't think bruton is a a bad coach.

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