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Us. During the first month of march. Wherever you are find yourself comfortable position seated well lying down works also but of course you could be walking or driving. It's all safe. It's all good before we move our mind anywhere. Start with two directions. The first he's to close your eyes or if you're more comfortable just cast your gaze down if you need your is at the moment. Let the space around them and the muscles near them be relaxed. Your cheek muscles lower eyebrows softened second instruction is to begin focusing on your breathing not necessarily trying to change it though. It may slow down if you become more calm. Just notice inc as you inhale. Wait a brief moment. The next hail another beat great. We're all together the first place you'll lead. Your mind is to the soles of your feet and if you have none to the lowest part of your body that is connected to anything here. You are grounded from here. You may pull energy or allowed to escape above your feet your ankles. Ooh they're relaxed. You do not need their support then your calves and your news. They are amicable. They want to do what you want them to do. Plus they breathed wake you refined your upper legs your your back. Well maybe connected to your supports clench. Tighten these muscles for the briefest moment that you can better appreciate the next moment when you fully relaxed when you inhale you may inhale into your lower back phillip space and if the air collects any unwanted energy and he waste while it's there in your lower back exhale it away we come to your diaphragm forums of built along your lowest ribs around your body. Here is your engine power of your breath as you breathe. You feel how part of you can be both so engaged. Not engaged at all when you breathe. Allow the air to fill your abdomen down to your stomach into your pelvis. No need to tighten at the top of the chest. No need to breathe athletically. So you feel your upper back attentive but it is piece. oh moment debris It may be true. The things try to take you away from your thoughts. Sounds these things are part of the experience. fight with. You're you're right here next ticks hill. Let your shoulders false. So exquisitely no matter what you're doing this. Your shoulders need not be engaged. Let them.

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