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Players have parties. I don't have an opinion about that. Is it was safe? There was a team function. Our guys have dinner every Wednesday and Thursday night. And no one cares about that. Okay. So again, our focus only chiefs, and that's it. A Halloween party kidding. It's nonsense. Nonsense. It is not complete nonsense. Now there have been like teams. These report that it was a cocaine theme party. That is inaccurate. Yeah. And I think that has not help things. Take part of the problem is some of those players that trust in those kind of costumes props. Right soaring. Marshall that didn't help right. You know? It did not and Vance Joseph is right. When he says like look this happens, the not Chad Kelly but a team function. Von Miller, we reported this. We talked about this yesterday. Von Miller went to kind of great links to make sure that his teammates were not busted for DUI. Chad Kelly was a horse's rear and took it too far. And everyone else they're got home safe did not put in danger anybody else's life. So I get that. But it's like when Mike Klis asked him if he will if Chad was the starting quarterback, would you have cut him? It's not irrelevant. I understand why we're talking about the Christmas party. And I do agree with Vance that NFL players are able to get together as a team and all hell doesn't break loose all the time. But to dismiss it and to turn it around and make it sound like we are the idiots for asking. And for wondering about this. That is wrong. He has to understand that there's scrutiny to this because of what Chad Kelly did. And if Chad Kelly didn't do this. Then there wouldn't it be? But guess what there is so the questions come so while Vance Joseph may be right in a lot of things that he's saying you also he cannot turn around and blame us the media for asking the question because that's what anybody, you know. Like, I'm sorry Vance. Nobody gives a crap about your game against the Kansas City Chiefs right now, nobody. Is that because everyone thinks that the chiefs are going to win maybe? But it's Wednesday. Why guess what this is a much bigger story than your early week preparations for the Kansas City Chiefs. I'm sorry. You have to realize that. I know it's frustrating. I know that Chad Kelly is a rogue agent air, and he is not indicative of the entire team. And you guys have made that very clear, and that's all well and good, but don't sit there and act act all indignant win people ask about your handling of this situation and the Christmas or the I keep I think at the Halloween party. I got Christmas on the mind. I guess. Don't blame us your player. Messed up. We're going to ask you about it. Sorry. That's the way it works. Some positive news today, potentially. Here's story number three for the trae Lyles.

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