Berlin, Russian Buck Aid Of Berlin, President Trump discussed on First Light



Up to ninety two hundred feet Chain? Look to me, like tiny. kind of weedy and going at terrific speed It was a bunch of jet planes. Information. They seem to. Just like a year. something like a pipe plate that would cut in half with a sort of a convex tying in the rear but i did i did A beautiful and. fifty to me it is everyone else it becomes a front page national story flying pie plates become flying discs which become flying saucers the u._f._o. craze is on the one year later june twenty four nineteen forty eight the soviet union begins the berlin blockade endless calls vitally needed coal stalled by the russian buck aid of berlin but that is only part of the story has the red news poster about the western section of the capital which is a generator and the fuel power berlin becomes a city of dumbness is old found communication seven industry comes Mike back on daily carrying tons of food into the beleaguered capital buying an air. threatened by reading the blockade runs until may of nineteen forty nine when the soviets finally realized the u._s. and its allies airlift is rendering their blockade ineffective doing twenty four thousand nine forty eight the republican national convention nominates new york governor thomas e dewey for the second time has its presidential nominee the elected representatives of our republican party of again given the highest honor bestowed Break. That I may deserve this opportunity to serve our country in all humility. I accept the nomination. do he goes on to lose to president harry truman as he lost to president franklin roosevelt four years previously we're coming up on sixteen past the hour now on i lied let's chicken.

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