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Got several obstacles to legitimately claiming executive privilege among them, according to loyal Marymount law. Professor, Laurie Levenson. The fact they've already contributed to Muller's report. I really wonder whether the White House can assert executive privilege to documents. They've already turned over another obstacle. She said could be proving that information in the report would any way interfere with the president's duties running the nation. Chris Seaton's KNX ten seventy NewsRadio supreme court Justice, Ruth, Bader Ginsburg is missing arguments for the first time in a quarter century as she recovers from cancer surge. Gery Justice Ginsburg was not on the bench Monday is the court heard arguments, and it was not clear when she would return the court will continue to hear cases Tuesday Wednesday and again next week. A court spokeswoman said the eighty five year old Justice is recuperating in working from home after doctors removed to cancerous growths from her left lung last month. Chief Justice John Roberts said that Ginsburg will participate in deciding cases on the basis of briefs and transcripts of oral arguments. Bill Rakoff CBS news, Washington. I Carter administration cabinet member has died. Former Defense Secretary and nuclear arms control advocate. Harold Brown has died at age ninety one. According to the think tank where he worked working in the Carter administration Brown tried but failed to win Senate approval of a key treaty with the Soviet Union. The native New Yorker was the first scientist to take control of the military establishment Brown was a physicist who got his b a at age eighteen a doctorate at twenty two. Pam Coulter, CBS news. News. Remember to listen to Kennex anytime anywhere. Download the radio dot com app and favorite us today. Coming up next. We'll check in with Pete interro on KNX ten seventy the.

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