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Hi, I'm James Hinchcliffe. I'm here to talk to you about the Honda dream garage spring event where every Honda has the soul of a race car. But James how is this a dream of if I'm currently awake welfare personality me that question. It's called dream because you can get the Honda of your dreams during this event. Like, the Honda CR V with one point nine percents, APR financing and sport mode Korea. Now sponsored by your northern California Honda dealers at NorTel hondadealers dot com. APR financing offers available for well qualified buyers. See dealer for financing details. Sweeten five days at Comcast business right now when you switch to the nation's largest gig speed network you save on fast reliable internet. Get started with seventy five megabit internet for forty nine ninety five per month for a two year agreement when you add connection pro and to voice mobility, line six hundred dollars off our regular yearly price. And if you sign up by April seven, you'll get a two hundred dollars prepaid card to just one more way. We take your business beyond this never been a better time to switch to Comcast business that hurry, which and saved ends April seven. Call one eight hundred five zero one six thousand today. Comcast business theon fast. Offerings four seven nineteen restrictions apply. New business customers only to your agreement required early termination fee. Applies equipment taxes and fees. Extra subject to change prepaid. Offer ends four seven nineteen. As fans is CoCo Chris. I'm back in Oakland this year. I love to see you at the ballpark for opening day. Come out Thursday, the twenty eight four one oh seven opener against the angels, come early and get your win for Hero-town rally. Tau presented by Kaiser permanent say if you can't make it Thursday. We'll see you for opening night on Friday, the twenty nineth at seven oh, seven grab your tickets at athletics dot com slash tickets. That's athletics dot com slash tickets. KNB had tonight roles. Your host Mark Willard on sports leader..

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