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An army term. Maybe yeah maybe i know. There's rapid response. Yeah right. that's true. So moving onto quick hits an news bids out there so you know. I don't know if you heard but you know last week. In in beijing baseball there was a potential Racial slurs sarah said to a player and but they did their investigation and it was the colorado fan trying to yell to the colorado colorado rockies mascot dinger dia gr. So if you kind of you kind of know where. I'm going with this there. She was so they came out and get investigated. in case. Close you know case closed but in the gaming world we have a game that was in beta testing back for blood so same developers that created left for dead. Which was awesome fun of zombie shooter. Not to the last fifteen years So a players. There were experiencing the p. zombies saying actual san word. I've listened to it several times and is in there clearly saying the inward so it is it is it just needs to go. You can find this song. Tackle play video and listened to it and it is. It is blatant. So so i understand this. Anita understand this quickly. My this was supposedly built in by the creators of the game. Yes it was a beta test k. And what the creator said was that. It was audio mixes. That got scrambled playing off each other. That then makes it sound like what the zombies of saying that i. That's what i read just recently yesterday. And they forced to so you guys are not know that but you guys actually believe that like is at an excuse. That may actually be plausible. I say with audio and sound mixing it there. There's potential there and obviously there is a statement from the company that actually had to release because they had a lot of gamers plan a beta test. Just like the halo flight and right away because he had streamers stream in this game and they like. What does this say to me. What does lobby say. So you go on youtube and you could see streamer doe doe doe to doa doa dot. Oh dio why. he's playing it And they both and other gamers all report it to the company We reported to the company. Wb games and and and they sent over calming explain that the slurs they're hearing is an intentional but guest by many so instead it is caused by two audio clips playing at the same time of of that character and so the same so what they put out here to the viewership into the world. It says our team has been made aware of the offensive language that can be heard when playing a game so this is not recorded or ever intended to be a part of our game play. The audio is a result of two. Different ridden gruel growls. Select this be growling growling That are now playing simultaneously when her. Together s- mike that were so we are working diligently to fix the issue which should be completed either In the time of of the beta or win the game launches. I believe later this year early next year so it has been addressed but yeah just imagine sitting there playing that game and you lie so so the zombies going and then her plane in its place goes. I could get that. I could try to get that is like when you watch the clips of the attack..

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