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Me over the weekend like I wasn't already enough in stock doing journalism yeah located his balls there is a GPS locator he was yeah I well it he is a disgrace Ron Johnson I mean he is just that they're they're all a disgraced Jim Jordan andet Stephanopoulos on Friday I thought Ron Johnson is the savior the Republican Party calling trump out on there yes but he did he with everything else this is a person is obviously terrified yeah and as Chuck Todd said you're just trying to that's their job just make the president feel better just he was like it's almost like it was begging for his life because he had a cold whoever the ambassador that is made him wince the linking of Ukrainian aid two eight nine yes yes but I I don't know what that was thank god Chuck Todd told call it out he's like I don't know how this fox news conspiracy theory got on here but that's all I'm asking he's reading tax under start to Lisa bass which has absolutely nothing to do with Ukraine any of this what do we have a little yellow your five okay I I have a I have my third letter into the inspector general of the sanity asking to just confirm just confirm are you investigating those leads to Peter struck talked about in the center no idea this point why a fox news conspiracy propaganda stuff is popping up on here no I I have no idea okay what he gets this rate is like it's like close to that scene where Bugsy beats a guy with his belt is like begging for his life I feel like is what surely the claim that yeah and then he goes back in its center within that banning give my daughter the shaft right was was like no no no the center exactly that's resin trump is I've sat in wise supporters rough Sarah news media okay the media center Johnson please answer the question that I asked you instead of trying to make Donald Trump feel better here that you're not I'm sorry simple question what made you wince doesn't give me openly took on both okay took us awake yeah it's always give my car the shovel guitars please I don't see why she has to one thing.

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