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Was adorable when it came out alive at a real problem with it was just another character to add invite apparently scurvy due fans are are just were just incensed it was like dropping a shark adding scrappy out he was in charge of like scoobydoo what he had a large headedness anybody tiny body at at eight west brave at all hearty worse scooby was chicken art it so basically from the abacost style oh aww the shaggy ends kobe you suddenly had this third character who was almost crushing them enter the dangerous situation so basically this is around about seventy eight seventy nine it was bringing other dynamic two stories and let's face it scurvy due stories were very repetitive that was part of their air that here as us all cia what's was that they are very much alike and by the late seventies the writers her going more and two straight straightforward narratives not audit place people being scared away things like that they didn't always knew that after while scrappy was part of it after that there was like scurvy dis could be galvin and other characters like that but scrappy he was around for awhile and added out water home video released the first season as cobian scrappy go after those who would be thrilled and i i am one of those people who does the likes of of what later arab of arborist i certainly see it her mar in perspective of it hurt weinstein's a certainly not huckleberry hound but that was entertaining at it was part of the saturday morning atmosphere of a weekly life was on it was just like having the sound out i just like having that off because it takes me back to saturday morning and wider epa was the original voice scrappy that it was don mesic uh adding does are also take both our institutions as far as saturday morning cartoons horses at arctic you couldn't really watch anything in the '70s sour right outlining a wider choice turning ups of art accra style mesic what all the way back to the 50s so you had the entire caste other interesting thing about scope nbn scrappy do is a voice out while dalbah was like a third choice was actress they patched demons are patricia stevens and you can see her playing a nurse and a few episodes of match she was at arkara actresses while but she got the role of allah.

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