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Sixteen days after a Bena dill and Gerry haywood vanished to seventeen year old high school students. Peter and Philip said from Melbourne to the small Riverside town of Murchison East for a weekend of rabbit shooting pages family originally hailed from the town and tasted visited. He's grandparent's Day regularly at eleven. AM on Saturday. Eight February twenty six. They arrived at Murchison as to railway station. More than thirty kilometers south of west of Shepperton intended to pay his grandparents home for the morning tea afterwards. They set off down the gravel. Pack to river road cutting across paddick and climbing either a barbed wire fence is to winter the lightly tim bid state forest along the Golden River. The land was laced from the Guzman by a local farmer and attains regularly really can't on the property during shooting trips upon entering the Bush land the noticed peculiar odor in the air which they presumed it was emanating from a dead animal dead carried on and approximately an hour later returned the same way as they came. It was on their return track that paid her. And Philip discovered the source of the ODA disavow. Really decomposed. Body of a young woman was was lying face up in the paddick her legs apart and her arms near saw it she was naked from the waist down and had sustained severe head injuries. Juries pater alerted the owner of the farmland. Who contacted police when they arrived? The owner informed. Them that hey to add smelt something near a collection of trees in his paddick about three hundred meters from where the female buddy was banned that had also assumed named was a dead animal. When examining this area the police discovered the closed the body of a male under a thirty foot red gum tree? He had a single bullet wound to his left temple. Were those of Bainem at deal. who had been sexually assaulted assaulted then? Beaten to death and Gerry. Haywood whose skull contained a twenty two caliber bullet. The area area was immediately cordoned off as members of the Forensic Science Division to search and rescue squad. Dahomey's squad and Shepperton Crime Investigation in division began the laborious task of searching the ninety acres of paddocks around the crime. Saying sixty full made his west of Obama's body with two pairs of her stockings. H Todd Taught Lee in a loop of fifty centimetres matching father's fan on gary trousers indicated that he's legs said Bane Band with the stockings. He's jump up was discovered neither stockings. And in addition to Bain uncovered in Gross AIDS leaves and Bark there were traces of blood on it is good and good or were found neatly voted nearby back with one. Why shoot next to the pile and one on top? There was also a second fired. Twenty two caliber cartridge case indicating that the killer may have shot a gary twice but only hit him once and a black piece of classic which detectives believed Mata Vein pod odd of the murder weapon the case to Gary Holden when not at the same nor was the rug. He kept in the car and he's up at dentures. Were Roseau missing. Investigators ascertained that the assailant had -ducted the pair at gunpoint. Knee Victoria like dust. Gerry's car matched samples taken from the paddick meaning. The killer had driven or rooted. Detains to drive to the area where their bodies were later found. It appeared as Gary struggled with these captor before Ray. They're running off into the thicket of trees or was marched marched there before being tied up and executed the perpetrator then returned to a Bena. Who was the restrained or unconscious this and proceeded to rape her before bludgeoning her to death? The careless way in which Gary's car was left backing Shepperton suggests adjusts that the killer had driven it back into town and abandoned it before roth a discarding a handbag near the Golden Valley highway so investigating police described the motives as beyond comprehension and the most brutal killing die. Had ever in counted in the families of the victims were extremely destroyed. Gerry Haywood mother. Margaret lost a great deal of white and struggled to maintain tain the will to live his brother. Rowan was left terrified thinking the Killa would come after him next Bena meduse whose father expressed his shock at her murder. He's formal police statement riding. I cannot think of any reason why any person would want to Hamadan a an extra tame. Detectives arrived in Shepperton as offices assist works upwards of sixteen hours a day to hunt down those responsible the double homicide had left the small and otherwise quiet city reeling and end pressure to find the culprits was intense. A ten thousand dollar reward for information was on Autho and a rug matching. The one that was missing from Gary's Mary's car was displayed in the window of a major store in the middle of town. One individual came to police attention after matching rog. DOC was spotted in his time demand a in Stanley lawful. We've seen he's late thirties until police say had stolen the rug from dark blue. Halden even with South Australian registration plates parked outside a PA been. Maruta attend six kilometers. West of Shepherd and police spoke with local mechanics to save date sane. Any vehicles similar to the one lawful described and Phantom match convinced this was a promising laid. Police tracked the vehicle Dan to Akao Yard in South Australia. Only to find drivers had airtight alibis for the nod of February. Ten police suspected to more people had committed the crimes. The region's fruit picking season was at. Its Paik then too. They considered the possibility that the murderous whereas could be among the thousands of workers temporarily in town for casual employment when investigators asked local orchard assists to report any suspicious workers. Hundreds of tipoffs came in but not lead anywhere as such police were inclined to believe the murders were committed aided by locals as the remoteness of the crime scene indicated the killers familiar with the area. They were soon concentrating. On the town's teenagers in particular tequilas there were reports of the potty. Hoed near the Golden River close to the west side of Victoria like on the night of the murders it involved a car race and ended in a feast brawl between at ten days when one vehicle hit another police believed Gary may have been present and participated -ticipant it in the bowl and was then killed by his opponents for revenge. One senior detective told the media. We feel some some of the young people in Shepherd and know something of the movements of Gary on the night he was murdered will die. Many people come forward and volunteered information. Most first of the youths we have interviewed have been knows we have Saudi. I'd Aso Vhs we believe they are not telling all they know no one raised as much suspicion has been his boyfriend a America. Hey was viewed as a prime suspect due to his jealousy outburst Dr Learning Bena had left with Gerry Haywood whom he then threatened to kill over the matter at the time the Melbourne Hamas sought squad had reputation for being hard offices who were tough on criminals often bathing confession out of a suspect if necessary a and was regularly slowly summoned to the station for former police interviews during which he was verbally abused slapped and kicked by detectives. They believe delay. He was assisted by his friend. Tasks might pay to Hazel Man. Who drove him around on the night of the murders? Pedro was also questioned in subjected acted too aggressive treatment at the hands of the police as with several of their other friends. Despite these heavy handed tactics a and did not admit any involvement involvement in the Koran detectives presumed he was too tough to crack with one remarking to a uniform officer that he had quote belted and belted but he will not confess when they insult a sister. Heather noticed how miserable he was. Does she asked what the police interviews involved. But he saint ashamed and refused to answer and confided in friends that he was very scared of the police and what might happen to him. He began borrowing from his father or a friend in order to camp out instead of returning home where offices good find him. One day he arrived time and informed his family he was going to tell them he did it to stop the police from. I'm hurting him. They've been no Victorian laws that the taunt meant a confession would have most likely resulted in his execution ethic convinced against him not to confess.

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