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Hey all our next. Women's conference is only a few weeks away. And if you have never attended before this is the event that will change your life. Rises a three day women's personal development conference where we laugh until we PR pans and we talked about things that we cry and we find community and we create the roadmap to changing our lives or businesses. Or whatever it is that you're working on if you want to find out more you're curious what it's all about. I highly recommend you go check out the instagram and see what our community says you can hear it straight from them it's at let's rise dot co and if you're looking for the next one it's happening in Toronto on March fifth through the seven Toronto March fifth through the seventh check out all the details at the HOLLIS CO DOT com. If you have been looking for a nudge if you have been looking for something to kick start change I promise this is the thing. It's the morning show that no one knows I. No one is talking about. I said no one talked about but if they did they probably say tasks way to start two page. Know you'RE GONNA get kicked out of the morning show if you don't sit still welcome to the morning show that nobody including no. Hollis is talking about Noah. What show is this. What's it called? Don't do what's the morning show. 'cause nobody's talking about it me fix our facebook situation that my head is now cut off look at them so worried about your hair but I feel like if it's that tall you got to own that. Sometimes it gets cut off yesterday. I am owning every bit of this hair. There's not as much there. They took off the sides. No LONGER SARGE AKA. Let's leave one of the greatest American actors of all time that alone. That's the microphone. GotTa leave the microphone there. Do you know how old you are? Nobody's watching us when we're doing a video. How old are you too? Yeah are you five. Yeah no you're too everything is yeah. Yep How's your hair though? Good your hair is really good. You got the good hair going for a photo shoot day takes a picture with Daddy. Mommy to bless you. Thank you last time. We did a photo shoot with you. You were a total grout. Shanna interested no Inter Asante Day which is my hair is wet. Thank you for noticing everybody. Thank you said bless you. I appreciate those good manners. I feel like we should probably close that door. That door where else we're going to have to rebel. Ganji Scott has been closed. Live our best lives. I see that you have your computer. Oh well wait a second. I have my computer today. Are you writing with the official theme song of the Start Today morning? Show Great Ho please holding. Hope lose that. You're looking at gifts. Fermi yeah I was looking at gifts for you aiming serious. I just like a bunch of jewelry. Don't look for.

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