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For the las vegas shooting rampage undersheriff cabinet make may hill says fit looked at gunman stephen cox personal life political affiliation economic situation in any potential radicalization he says they're aware that isis has claimed responsibility for the attack but so far no evidence that us officials say in american soil older missing for nearly two days in this year has been found dead in one four us troops killed in a deadly ambush his body found identify today after an extensive search for security forces from nature also killed the us labor department says the us lost thirty three thousand jobs in september after hurricanes harvey an army hit texas florida further south eastern states first decline in six years get employment rate fell to four point two percent from four point four percent lowest level since two thousand one and former louisiana congressman william jefferson was sentenced to thirteen years in prison on bribery charges famously caught heightening ninety thousand dollars in cash it is freezer has been ordered immediately released receive a new sentencing hearing in his falls last year supreme court decision involving progen governor bob mcdonald's picky more difficult convict public officials on bribery related offenses and we're gonna begin with the announcement about birth control coverage under obama care of the trump administration issuing a ruling that allows the changing the requirement that most companies cover birth control as preventive care for women at no additional cost instead allowing employers to opt out if providing the birth control violates their religious beliefs on moral convictions in the white house press secretary sarah sanders asked about it asked about the engines us the aclu has already filed a lawsuit early announces intention to and this was their response that said and i quote the trump administration is forcing women the pay for their bosses religious police they go on as they were filing with laws if he got the federal government cannot authorise discrimination against women in the name of religion or otherwise your response to that with you one i don't think it's been a secret that i would probably never use the aclu to get any of my talking points the president believes that the freedom to practise one's faith is a fundamental right in this country and i think all of us.

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