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In Evanston. This is something we really haven't seen this northwestern defense allow as Nebraska takes it right down the field. Seventy five yards in four plays. Forty two yards to Spielman, and it is seven nothing courthouse Kurt. So this is not the way the coaching staff were was Riley this game plan up. They wanted to start fast on defense. I talked with a couple of the coaches at some of the players reiterated that they wanted to start fast. They wanted to get them off the field immediately. Well, they had a good chance. They got the first penalty in the first play of the game. They were first at fifteen, but it didn't take long like you said Dave just took a forty two yard pass a couple four plays four plays. That's ridiculous. Opening drive. Wow. All right, sued Allah. Wildcats. We'll get the football for the first time. Man. Hi, Rik McGowan Nagel up around the five. Here's the kick by Caleb whiteboard and pick out of while the far side there's a break right off the bat. Wildcats is the kickoff out of balance. Taking rule the ball thirty five. I. So the cat's already in a hole here. Seven nothing before they've even put their offense on the field. But they start from the thirty five. Let's see if they could hit you to start. Well at offense. That's something. We have seen here at home. Solomon Faulk gets the started running back benefits Garate the receiver to the right to receivers left. Clayton. Thorson the quarterback. I doubt Thorson looks to throw plenty of time. No rush at he throws it over the middle caught inside the fifty at Budgie got forty six Clinton Nagel. There are multiple penalty. Markers down at Tonio retake some down in the secondary..

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