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A father is behind bars today on charges related to the death of his baby. Police had a child at a hold of Anthony worthington's drugs overdose in their home on Sweitzer off road. Trying to stop the flow of drugs into the US. President Trump will go on nationwide TV tonight to push for tighter security at the southern border too early. Billions of dollars of narcotics flow through our southern border ninety percent of all the heroin that comes into this country. That claims the lives of three hundred Americans ever. Every week comes through our southern border. Vice President Mike Pence says the president could announced tonight that he is ordering the military to build a wall at the southern border since he cannot convince congress to fund construction stalemate over the walls led to the government shutdown now in day eighteen IRS is one of the agencies furloughed by it. But the White House says tax refund checks will still go out of scheduled getting answers to questions about how to file though might be difficult. You're afraid to file because you've got questions and you're concerned that you might be filing incorrectly. Unfortunately, there isn't there are no help lines available to you right now. So either consult a tax professional or simply delay filing. Your return, that's tax preparer. Scott boffin Cincinnati ranks as one of the best cities in the nation for people looking for careers in science technology, engineering and math, a new wallet hub survey ranks the tri-state tenth overall that survey studied the top one hundred markets in America and determined that stem careers provide some of the most lucrative employment opportunities of any feel. The unemployment rate of people with a bachelor's degree or higher in the stem field is lower in Cincinnati than anywhere else in the nation..

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