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And solo the day. Well, of course I have you my main man. Jo Jo is visiting Mom, So we wish him and the family the best. Is it possible? I know you guys do to, um, what a great day we have here in Denver, Colorado. What a wonderful day. It is one of the most beautiful fall days. I think that we're going to get this year. I don't know if we're gonna have another Friday and we know in Colorado Fridays are fantastic. Fantastic Fridays are fantastic in Colorado. And I tell you what these are the days that I remember when I was a golden buffalo running behind Ralphie on days like today where it felt like This was the most magical place in the world. I remember being a teenager thinking you got to be kidding me. This is this is the kind of whether we get for kid. Like me from Houston. This has been the most unbelievable weather transformation that you can never ask for so days like today are not unusual. It's just I'm always thankful that I get him when I do because it could be nasty like it was last week and We know that those days are part of our mics here as well. But today we have today and and we're very, very, very happy about it. News out of the Denver Broncos. Pretty big news is that they have Um, some guys that are Part of the cove. It 19 list. The guy. That is the biggest question mark in my opinion. Is not Graham Glass cow who's going to be out? I don't think he has played well in particular this year. But the guy that I am most concerned about and we don't know how it's gonna work is the Mark Dotson. Who Um Have been sent home because they were in close contact. With Graham glossed glass cow Austin Sloman was also sent home. But let me tell you why. It's It's not Graham Glass cow. This week, the Denver Broncos take on the Los Angeles charges. Los Angeles charges have Ah, great defensive line, and it's led by a guy who's been all pro. Left defensive end. Can That position. I was looking at least neutralize with some help from Ah, tighty and oh, maybe running back in the obvious past situations. And right now, it seems that you know We're gonna have to give whoever starts over that the right tackle plenty help. If this is one of the most disappointing covert 19 case is that I can think of going into an important game where we're trying to get a real evaluation about Drew lock. This is a lot of heat. We're talking about a lot of heat coming from that left side, and I'm not really happy about it, and it's just the way it's going in 2020. That's just the way it's going. I I wish that I could say that it's it's it's one more. One more injury or one more covered 19 case that we have, and we could just look Teo and start player into this mix. This is terrible. The more dots and Um ah, Damar Dotson and Ah, bowls have played an excellent brand of football. I want to make sure that I say that every time I get a chance, they've played a brand of football that is a winning brand of football. If the quarterback has taken sex, it's not because of what's happening at the tackle positions. Those have been problem areas here in Denver for the longest we've had tackle after tackle after tackle play poorly. We even had Guys saying that way, said, shut down Bowls, Very bowls from last year, and certainly you know he was having a tough time. But it was all mental mistakes. It was It was bully mistake's pulling guys down and not understanding the the nuances of plan the left tackle. That was his problem, and the guy hadn't played enough snaps, not he's played the requisite snaps. To be considered a great left tackle. And I'm going to say that again. Ah, great Left tackle. He was the highest grade It left tackle in all of football, OK? I want you to hear that. Ronnie Stanley, the left tackle from the Baltimore Ravens. Just got a five year deal for $98 million. It was five years, right. Iraq wasn't five years of six years. Take it with five years in five years in $98 million, nearly $20 million a year. That's how expensive it's getting. What a Denver Broncos to re sign Garrett bows to a long term contract because once again, he's playing better than any left tackle in football. Do you believe that? I can't believe I'm saying that he's played better than every left tackle in football and the guy opposite him, Wass. Yeah. And and for all arguments sakes, the third tackle on this team, meaning that I was started was join James, who Phil's opt out because of covert 19 this year. Which gave us a larger Alexander. Liza workers. Excuse me, Elijah Wilkinson. Elijah were curson didn't play great if you ask me, OK, Damar Dotson was inserted a salty old NFL veteran over there on the right. Tackle position, and then he has been off the chain. He's been off the chain. He's the kind of find when you go back, and you re evaluate everything that you did in the off season. He is one of those top three kind of moves. That includes the draft the way that he's playing right now has just been outstanding. So to see him on that list were glass go. That that is. Ah, I'm hoping that we can get multiple tests today. Tomorrow and Sunday morning, clearing him because I can't wait to see that matchup. That's the matchup you want to see on Sunday, but if he's out, I'm telling you right now it's it's It's not the same. It's not the same game. It's not same game. So, um, I'm hoping to see Dotson and I'm hoping to see Bowles the risks of this year. If we can just lock that down. I feel so much better about the Denver Broncos on the offensive side of the ball, but we have to see what the test results come back over the next couple of days. We don't even know way don't know It could be a situation where we have to postpone this game. But one thing that we're not going to postpone is our.

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