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But theirs is more than $43 ,000 lower. Different generations also have different career priorities, but Jeff Kleboz says regardless of age, job satisfaction comes down to money. Staffing from Robert Half says competitive compensation has the biggest impact on job satisfaction and retention. Gen X workers are most likely to feel underpaid when thinking about What's next? Half of Gen Xers looking for a job this year are interested in full -time contract work. All corporations agree that deal breakers for choosing jobs to apply for include a lack of salary transparency and unclear job responsibilities. Money News brought to you by the DC Lottery. Millions of are dollars waiting for a winner. Check out the current Mega Millions and Powerball Jackpots at dclottery .com. Don't wait. Buy tickets your now at your local retailer or online. And coming up. Tragedy in Alexandria after a toddler falls from a high -rise building. I'm Mike Marillo. 812. Here's Rupaul Mehta Saran, Executive the Director of the English Empowerment Centre on the discussion Amazon and English Empowerment Centre working to deliver for local community. Sponsored by Amazon. We now were in a position where we were going to be standing up two full programs and we needed the funding to be able to do that and I had the opportunity and ability to go to Amazon and we are currently very much actively holding both an in -person and virtual programming. Watch the entire discussion on wtop .com. Search Amazon. Hi I'm Holly Sullivan, Vice President at Amazon. Since we announced Arlington as the home of our second headquarters, we've great made progress on our hiring and investment commitments and we appreciate the support of our partners and neighbors. Featuring 2 .1 million square

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