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Think we should reopen the government for three week period or month period and try to negotiate and what we should do is try to make some progress on some of the other issues that are involving immigration that was Rendell shut down twenty five days in and there are some signs both sides may be looking at a way out. I think it's going to be solved by the end of the week. But I do know this. I'm encouraged by Senator Graham, Senator Manchin, Senator coons, Senator Tillis, we also know that I believe you are out there understand that. If you are in the air traffic control, if you're in the TSA or in the FDA, if you're the border patrol you already feeling some of the effects of the shutdown. They're saying don't work, and we'll pay you a Benchley or the same work for free. Now, the doing all types of studies and doing all types of polls who presents losing on this post, so far when you come out through weeks ago and say, we'll have a shutdown, and I'll take ownership of it is going to be tough to lose. That ownership even though it's the Democrats that are not taking net legitimately negotiating. And that's what's hurting this entire process than negotiating so because of that we have a situation where one side is given in and I'm tired of giving in the other side said I don't need to give in. So I won't here's Lindsey Graham, and you could hear he sounds exasperated cut for. I'm just saying Mr President if you have to do an emergency declaration, which you may have to now would suggest that you give the congressman last chance, but he feels like. We're not there yet. Said okay. I trust her judgment on this. What's so depressing? Is it everybody's been for wall? Until Trump was for wall. Can I know the body has voted for barriers more money than we're asking for? So it's frustrating. So here it is Brit Hume weight in he says, there's a way out cotton. At least two parties seem to pay themselves into opposite corners of the same room and Campsie away out of it at the moment. The obvious way out of it would be for the Democrats to give some ground on funding, the border barrier wall, or whatever you choose to call it and the president to give some ground on immigration reforms that the Democrats want. I think he's shown some willingness to do that at particular times. So Britt Hume says he's seen this before right now it's up to the other side to give in because the president's already give it in substantially. So I told you bring you the latest on the William bar hearings. And we are. So he's making good progress entering consummate confidently confrontationally at some points. Especially with Senator Feinstein. Here's a little of Lindsey Graham, the chairman as well as the nominee attorney general sessions had a conflict because they worked on the Trump campaign. I'm not sure if all.

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