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You move up two goats and then I'll and then what we we started with with bacteria just because they're easy we can come up with a new gene we can the pursuit of that we can use it for coatings we can use it as he sees all of those things fall out of having it in water is so mixed fibers for us and so you know literally here I think is still there and I think all of you know for the last at least ten to fifteen years I think all of the people had been working in my life basic I would say without a doubt we've done more basic science in terms of not only the proteins but how the fibers are made the three dimensional structure of the in the the direction of a golf shirt spider silk golf shirt spider so golf should I got no idea there's no obvious reason why would be an advantage but at least you'd have it who helped make it possible to donate to a cause of the oldest choosing each week and I realize this week that I forgot to ask Randy so I rang him up.

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