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I don't know what the rule I'll look into it, but I thought maybe that could be my look for like some of the stuff we do. Okay. I like that because I have terrible posture. And so when I wear anything, I'm just like Volta marked. Baltimore does about pocketed you like the late again? Milady. Hang back. I did. I did not enjoy the moment where I got champagne in my eye at the VIP Arias. Sorry, it wasn't Jack's fault, but I had to enlist I I had to be like bad cop during that experience. I was waste. You guys were wasted and in those situations, I like to keep my wits about me. Yeah. So, and also my tolerance is just pretty high. Otherwise I might have been bombed, but I was very sober probably to sober and then I got painting my buyer or so pissed to, oh no, no, no, no. You should've seen how much campaign like to watching? I couldn't open my for ten minutes because it was burning like it was so aggressive. It was not like, ooh, splash in the eye. It was like, like just inches. You're straight into my idol. I've never seen you so Pessina. I was livid like I couldn't hide. It hurts so bad. And then I didn't remember what happened. So I kept thinking it was me, but it wasn't my fault nano. It was just it was just like, don't put a bunch of drunk women in a small space hug each one hundred full glasses of liquor. Yeah, it was just the perfect storm somebody to go blind. I also like struggle in those situations because I want to talk to people. Yeah, but then the people that are waiting are wading we don't want them waiting longer. But then again, it's like we want to connect with all you wanna give everybody the time does her for like all the time they've been waiting. We decided for next time we're probably going to do half the amount of VIP. Yeah, by the way, it's about to get all tricks -clusive babe as Yup. So get to apply and, oh, send in a resume mood. They send in like a reason why like when they're trying to get into the lady gang Facebook group and it's about. People do that kind of like a Broadway, like whether the lottery lottery? Yeah, we could do that. It's amazing. You have to write us an essay of why you decided we're such Dicks. Who do we think we are? I know the one person. Do you think it's appropriate if I talk about the Jean jacket? Debacle. Okay. I actually think this is an important thing to talk to you. Yeah. Okay. So we're going to get you, or is it because most these girls listening were not there and don't care. Okay, Apple's advocate, let's just play. Let's just say this lady gang is about, we are always going to hook you up. We're going to do our best at whatever time, whatever world, whatever you're seeing us wherever you're following us to hook you up. Like we are always thinking of you guys, let's get them a free something. Let's get them giveaway. Let's get them a discount. I do have to say most other podcasts shows are going to see a live podcast yet. They don't do shit. No, they don't give you. We're getting sponsors involved. We're getting free gift bags were Bhagat you guys all of free Jean jacket, like any BUSTER asked for like months, leading up to the show, to make sure that you guys had like the best time ever. Right? Just saying that they can't say show on pay your money. You watch the show you go to count them, maybe in that set we. And so just you just have to be cool if you don't like the brands that are involved. You don't complain about them Jin ask you if you're given a code for perhaps a jacket or something. Like that. Don't try to finagle your way into seven Jean jackets, like just get the one we give you and be happy like just I was a little disappointed by what went on at the New York lady..

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