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Uh matt lauer and charlie rose and mark helprin they all get yes but we're stuck but john conyers and not al franken and people like that because uh you know what to look for government lewis it's really hard to get rid of you my point is with general flynn okay you mentioned as several times today that uh he's been brought up on charges for lying to the fbi what i wanna know lou is where the justice hillary clinton definitely lied to the fbi about the email but colmey made sure that he didn't have her under oath when she did it because he wanted to uh exonerate her for any problems because of a lack of criminal intent swamped is very beat lou bennett includes the fbi and includes a lot of government and the problem is that we we have a double standard why do politicians get a path hillary clinton lied about an email less charges her malloy let me let me just tell you this i got i know where you're you're going and here's the deal your florida guy like me i'm down in delray beach just about two hundred miles south of you and we have alligators here in the great state of florida and when you go into a pond if an alligator is hungary or scared they will come to the surface and take a bite out of you if they are not hungry and if they have no fear of you they go deep to the deep recesses of the water and the high down there until you're gone i would not recommend anybody try this but the professionals who go looking for these guys will tell you that if.

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