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This afternoon sunshine a high of seventy four pretty gorgeous day tomorrow lots of sunshine and a high up to seventy nine for the afternoon high from the twelve news forecast center i'm james can yoenis illness for ktar news at eight thirty three it is fifty seven degrees in our to keep dps officer attacked during a traffic stop early this morning into happened near twenty seven th avenue in thomas the trooper has had injuries four people are in custody the latest on the deadly pedestrian bridge collapsed on the campus of florida international university school president mark rosenberg says they're cooperating with investigators have a sense of urgency about getting to the bottom of this accident and we are cooperating and assisting with authorities there'll be a moment of silence at one forty seven eastern time this afternoon for the six people who died there families and others who were affected the fbi needs your help biting the man and woman known as the criss cross bandits glenn milner with the fbi believes the to have committed eight separate bank robberies in arizona since last fall because spinach because they take turns in going in and robbery in the bank the one time it'll be the mail going into rob the bank and the next time it'll be the female so they're taking turns so we're calling them the criss bandits you can see their photos at ktar dot com as soon as today air is governor doug ducey couldn't fail tighter gun control measures daniel scarpinato with the governor's office tells ktar one proposal that's being flooded is restraining order for people who shouldn't have guns people would be able to actually go through a process of fast process to file a petition that that person can't have firearms ducey's also proposing adding more school.

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