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Wrong. When you just have to lie at nights thinking, how do they get out of this on? Yes, absolutely. The whole time. The ending of the regional right essays was amazingly such slowing ending, but you left out of the book for everybody. You're planning to write a second book squeeze question into the middle of when you say. Six. The reason why the first book ends, where does this is the absolute literal truth. And it seems crazy when you think of this, what's happened is book, but this is absolute literal truth. I was a bit late delivering this book. The publishers beginning to get a little bit writing and they eventually somebody from the publishers and said, look for heaven's sake just finish the page on, is that what they actually finish the pager on. So that is why the finishes. Exactly. Where does. More. So did you actually appreciate the chance to write the book off to the right GI shy, screaming horrors? No, I. I think that I felt that he was an enormous opportunity because obviously, most people have horrendous difficulty writing novel on spec, and then trying to get anybody interested in it. And I knew that I suddenly had a chance to sort of pull volt through all that to do something that I hadn't expected to do in the first place, just novel. So I knew he was a very, very lucky shortcut, but it was it was both terrifying but also having bedrock Laura, then you have the scripts was was gave me a certain amount of social security poltings other good phrases men. Do you see yourself as a novelist. Only by accident. I never really intended element. Yeah. Yes. Just by the chance of the way the world works, if it hadn't been for Nick Webb, listening to it on their idea and saying, you should write a book about that. I would never become a novelist. I was imagined. Obvious grip pressure from writing radio, maybe writing television to maybe writing film and the books kind of interrupted. For the film. How's it coming on. I think just the contract with Disney took a year. Gives you some kind of an idea, but all being well. And I'm reaching for every piece of wood. I can find around me then hopefully we will be starting production in the part of this. Yeah, but you know, this is Hollywood. We're talking about an anything can happen any moment. It's all moving ahead well, but slowly at the moment that brings us to the test because the cut does make the thing. Let's talk about author. I'm quite interested to know if m it seems that Arthur is the me of the banal person on earth. The IRA civilization unfought prefect, so it makes very clear and he tries to strange friend from another place. This particular car to you? Dentist with on would be Ford prefect. In many ways. I mean, there is a sense in which every character you right comes from you because you only have your experience to go from an your experience of the people, your experience and all the people. So every character I she comes but I suppose I would have to own up and say, author dent was the closest to me. One of the things that seems to be crucial characters. Everybody thinks he's a bit dim, but he's actually clever think-i is the reasoning is PS to be a little bit slow on the uptake. Is things genuinely more complicated, more puzzling. Most other people see that he was clever as you went along, did you know that when you started to begin with, I only have a sense of this is somebody to whom things happening. And then gradually, his tone of voice begins. Yes, absolutely. I mean, well, any writer will tell you that after a while, if a character is working, it'll start to tell you what he wants today, role advice. And anytime you'll sitting there trying to put words into a character's mouth. Cancer isn't working. Some of the current in deep thought and snotty about fast. And so on, came from different places thought obviously, was a bit of pun on throat, which was sort of the the mix era. And of course. Little movie. But I, I had this idea about the counters as dignified old man who would have a secret, Sarah, what is it? He sorry about and I thought, well, maybe maybe have a main that anybody would be sorry to have. And so I I came up with the name that I'm afraid I couldn't probably say on the right.

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