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Yeah so that's cool if you call it weiner all day on this radio so we will not get banned for that thank you yes not not quite just into once again correct well so what's your favorite whisky out of this out of this three number three gosh i was gonna pick number two all the way real i'm so you're a cinnamon far ball well of this three yep you're gonna give me so only toroc pick the the jack fire i'm just wondering alright so we haven't done any of our any survey top five inches around the board here's the question what was number two anybody you wanna take guess dinty mouthwash surveys says yes it was act cinnamon mouthwash free to be very good correct that's what it was i wanna thank you know art crack creative team for coming up with such a heinous exercise really really stuff name no no no we don't need to do that mike mike even that creative i am not i rely on creative enough to be friends with me i rely on to really crack research team always helping us through this well burt thank you so much for joining us here in sip says did you ever get time tonight greataunt hopefully we're part of the question income to the memphis whiskey warmer show if you want so yeah so i don't know we'll be they're not but survey survey carrie ann well let me close the south from the script for today a we hope you enjoyed this episode any cats all over upsets online as well as on soundcloud spotify because spotify folks yet we're all spotify about brand new.

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