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Everybody. Welcome. This episode of the Charlotte Kirk Show I am joined by my friend Donald Trump junior who has an incredible new book out Liberal Privilege Joe Biden and the Democrats Defence of the indefensible don welcome back to the Charlie Kirk show and tell us about why you wrote this book and the significance for this book heading into this very important election. Well a couple of. Charlie. Such a big part of the triggered and even the book tour and everything that I had no intention of writing another book. It was sort one of the unintended consequences really of the quarantine. Right. When we were in lockdown I started writing this book and I decided to self publish because if that would've lasted two, three, four, five weeks, I wouldn't have had. Time to finish but with four months, I just started looking I was at home. You can't go to work. You couldn't go to church. You couldn't do anything. So I'm logged at my house and there's much fun as Keiji is you had to do a little bit of work to it. Wasn't it wasn't just pleasure and I started looking and researching Joe. Biden. And I was just astounded how much stuff is out there about Joe Biden, and that literally no one in the media is talking about I mean just refused to even acknowledge I mean these are things that would be totally disqualifying to trump or any conservative Joe Biden it's as though they never happened and I, said, fifty years is a long time. The non have a record I mean that's half a century. You know sort of my line from the Convention speech was you know? He's the Loch ness monster of the swamp and it's true and liberal privileges exactly that right it's the ability to have. Flops through your entire career it, it's the ability to have failure. It's the ability to destroy the American manufacturing American jobs the middle class and be able to run on that platform as your magically going to now save it despite having spent fifty years, destroying it and not being held accountable not being called out by mainstream media and that you and I have spoken about many times. Charlie have just totally abdicated their responsibility to inform the American people to be activists for the far left I. Mean I know we've been the recipients over there. I on more than a few occasions but that's what it is. So I go through Joe Biden's voting record the. NAFTA TPP China permanent status in the World Trade. Organization destroyed the Working Class I into Joe Biden's help I interviewed Ronnie Jackson Admiral Ronnie Jackson the former White House doctor who who observed Joe Biden and over years and sees him now you know talking about I I wouldn't feel comfortable as a citizen of America to let this guy with obvious cognitive decline. Be President and again if Donald Trump mispronounces a complicated name, you know every tell us psychologist America's on TV saying he's in the later stages of Alzheimer's and Dementia Joe Biden can't remember where he is most of the time. I mean, he needs a teleprompter to speak to three people..

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