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It to the. You know, the the dynasty the likes of which I don't think we're ever going to see again, quite frankly, this many AFC championship games in a row ten Super Bowls. I don't think you're ever going to see that. So that obviously is a big story line, Sean McVeigh Jared Goff. Great storylines. Also, you know, you've got the young coach and the young quarterback going against the veteran coach and their veteran quarterback that couldn't be better two really good running games Sony. Michelle is going to be a star in this game. I really do you have C J Anderson and Todd Gurley on the other side. So I think if we get a close game, which I hope we do we could have one of the most compelling super Super Bowls in a long long time. Sean McManus is my guest. Sean got a couple of minutes left. I want to ask you back in one thousand nine hundred eight you lead CBS corporations efforts to bring the NFL back to CBS. Yup. What do you remember about that time? And how significant was it for the company to be broadcasting NFL games? Once again, I remember that when CBS lost the NFL the network went from being the number one rated network to being. The third rated network. We had lost a lot of our prestige. The sports division was even though they had a lot of good events like the massacres and the final four the sports division was kind of floundering and it became evident that without the NFL. It's tough to have a fully-fledged operating television network. So I worked for solid year with my number two Tony Petit in figuring out a way to get the NFL back to CBS. It was I always remember the day that we finally got it and I got assigned piece of paper from Paul Tagliabue. Who's the Commissioner brought up to my office? I saw the sign piece of paper. It was surreal. I mean, I couldn't actually believe that we had the NFL back on CBS. Oh for for me. When I look at my career. That's the most satisfying moment of my career.

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