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Still booming used to be on a weightless to get tickets. I only got to see Dale Earnhardt race in person once because even though we put ourselves on the ticket list and ninety four, that's how long it took to be able to get an opening for tickets. September two thousand. So I mean, I've been watching NASCAR all my life, and even though I moved into the admittedly much more fun off road portion of racing, you know, I've still been following along with NASCAR and obviously for motor sports in America. In some ways. NASCAR is still the high watermark, and you know you wanna you wanna see the industry sixty you wanna see everybody. Be able to succeed. So seeing NASCAR kind of fall off in the way that it has over the past few years with field shrinking and TV ratings going down. It's just not something you want to see. And you know then of course, we come into the row vol- and you know, on the one hand, you did have one of the first natural ratings increases of the year where it was on the same network that it was the previous year and the rating actually went up. But I, you know, I gotta be honest, I, I wasn't impressed with the racing. I actually I've. I had some words for that. I don't think I can say on air, so I'll just really go out, call it a goat rodeo, man. I was not impressed. Well, I know you got some of your thoughts out there on a piece on the website. So definitely if you guys want is no Chris's real thoughts that don't have the FCC I guess, looking over our shoulder. Yeah, you can go to the website, but for those that don't know. You might be wondering why the heck is Jimmy talking about NASCAR because we don't on the show. Part of the reason like Chris NASCAR, still the ten thousand pound girl in motorsports. Everybody talks about it, so I don't talk about it on the show. Doesn't mean I don't watch from time to time, but the wroval. So for those that you don't know, they basically took Charlotte Motor Speedway, one of the most iconic tracks in the country. I'd say second to, I don't know, it's home of NASCAR. I don't wanna say second today, Tony, because you've got stuff like Talladega. I'd say Bristol is pretty iconic, but it's very, I mean, it's the home NASCAR, let's put it that way. But anyways, they, they basically took the oval and then they ran. A road course in the inside of it, and then they made a couple of chicanes on the outside anyways..

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