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Tonight online or on the Walgreens app Traveling rather on the aids in Carlos Ramirez is in the WTO be traffic center And unfortunately we are still dealing with the accident scene on the beltway mostly on the interloop of the beltway in your branch avenue on the inner loop you've got two left lanes currently blocked and on the outer loop looks like the far left lane is also affected Looks like they're actually moving around that camera to get a better look at it Yep same is still the left hand side on both directions there No real delays behind it That's the good news though just be ready to move over to the right The minute you start to see those flashing lights Also on the beltway on the inner loop this is on the top side of the belt wait just after Connecticut avenue you are going to see a war zone Looks like they are set up along the left side of the roadway as well Two left lanes are blocked to get you by on the right hand side Thankfully again traffic is light enough so as long as you stay to the right your approach towards George avenue should be without too much of a headache Southbound 95 whatever incident we had on those ramps to the beltway has cleared that's good news down in Virginia no change on I 95 The far left hand side of the roadway still blocked a single right lane is all that's getting you by on your approach towards the fairfax county Parkway Again no delays because of it So just be ready to move over to the right as you make as you see those flashing lights 66 is quiet beltway is quiet in Virginia one 8 6 6 three O four WTP is the traffic tip line In case you happen to see an accident scene or incident or even a word zone that's blocking the roadway and you might want the audience to know about I'm Carlos Ramirez WTB traffic Storm team four meteorologist Michelle Grossman some people who are listening this morning are going to see some snowflakes Yep that's right.

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