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Never been something that. I was spoken to about when i was at school. But people do find the sector often later in life when they are little bits A little bit older and make their life choices later on income to training retraining Later on justice as at steph barbara did we do a loss of work with local colleges interesting ahead and that the reader that both those ladies talk and so we went colleges to ask them who they have got on that trades cohorts each year so that we can make sure that any females that that finds the trades within the education sector. Don't get lost on my journey and do make it through to actually finding employment. We also work with employers directly where we have discussions with them about wit force planning a succession planning of the benefits of having a diverse workforce which does include having a irrelevant proportion females in the workforce and the benefits not use. That women can bring an obviously from. The employees perspective is all about commission on so you just explain the The benefits of having females in the workforce and get the employees mindset in the right place. And then you linked together the females that you've found in other areas switches the local college who training and also we went with community volunteers sexual organizations who helped people retrain gets work radzi who may suffer barriers to employment and some of those people women and we do quite lots of work with them to make sure that they do promote the construction sector to these women supporting into employment so that it's not an avenue that is of it not discuss with them see does not go to the sectors. Such as retail on the cass. Acces the tumor associated with female employees. And after the this sixteen seventeen months. We've just had with retail in particular suffering. The way it has that couldn't be more important. I imagine staff barbara. Thank you to you for coming on. i'm barbara do you think we will have changed the mines while let's concentrate one tiny point very quickly there. Is this idea that working with men is difficult is no more difficult than in trade than there is in any others via thumb. You will you be. You'll be fine and that steph. I imagine how'd you say go to ask. Oh what we won't be surely for from call white and it's going to be. I'll remember that because that's the key the key service. The clients have to provide response to your brilliant skills. Stephanie thank you very much to you bob. Thank you to you and fiona and all of you so many messages. Stay and performing the first program of listener we roll on tomorrow. Thank you for. Your company will be back at ten. That's all for today's women's are thank you so much for your time. Join us again for the next one. Hello i'm greg jenner and i'm here to tell you that your head to me is back for.

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