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Dan By on us. The first item in our news notebook is. CONGRESS PASSES BILLS TO STUDY MILITARY PILOT CANCERS FROM mcclatchy Washington bureau little bit late on that. I did I was GONNA say anything but okay. The Department of Defense would be required to identify how many of the current or former aviators have been diagnosed with cancer in in bills passed by the House and Senate this week a study long sought by military pilots who have questioned why there are so many serious illnesses in their community. The legislation was included in both chambers versions of the seven hundred and forty billion fiscal year twenty, twenty, one national defense authorization. Act following a series of stories by mcclatchy on the alarming clusters of cancer among current or former military aviators. I'm one of those including four commanding officers at a Premier Navy weapons testing base in California who have died of cancer since two thousand fifteen. Oh let me clarify I'm not one of those that has been diagnosed with cancer but I am a former military aviator. Two versions of the twenty one, twenty, one spending bill will now go to house and Senate negotiators to iron out differences before being sent to President Donald Trump to be signed into law. Betty semen the wife of one of the four commanding officers at Naval Air Weapons Station China. Lake. died of cancer. Welcome to the important milestone. She says since loving since losing I'm sure she loved him too since losing my husband I have met too many other families on the same unwanted journey. We all share a universal prayer that no other family will have to go through a similar loss today brings us one step closer to that realization Miss Seaman said in an e mail to mcclatchy but that's a great name. Her husband's name was a commander Semen S. e. a. m. a. n., and he is a naval officer. Wow that was he was in the if he was in Canada heath now be a sailor. So his last name. Is they're getting rid, of semen. Because of the obvious connotations. Changing the position to say okay. Let's see. Senator Dianne Feinstein from California introduced the military aviators. Cancer Incidence Study Act after mcclatchy reported that military aviators may be at a higher risk of developing certain cancers. Let's see. There was a little bit of information here. The database would include every service member since nineteen sixty one who served in an aviator role. The legislation defines aviators, members of the aircrew such as pilots and Napa who they included navigators in their two. Members of the grand create usually asleep on me. I did that on purpose because we have several navigators listen to the show. Let's see. WHO SHOULD WE? I'm offended at airline pilot guy dot com has the email address. And members of the ground crew who worked on the aircraft pilots who have been lobbying for the legislation wanted to ensure that ground crew such as enlisted personnel who worked to launch jets aircraft carriers were included. Because, they were exposed to many of the same radar emissions or fuels. The bill requires a database to be completed within a year. So I guess they're assuming that. The radar emissions and fuel and the jets have something to do with this. With these cancers. Anyway. So that's good. That they're doing this and I guess that. I will be contacted at some point. To probably. Yeah to fill out some kind of survey regarding my health, I suppose take do everyone they. They'll against just could take sample. Sample of the seamen. I've been resisting playing this. Is that now Sheila can't find it. You're lucky. Finally I'll take it I. This is always In the military as far as as long as I'd been an aviation. that You know you sit as the pilot, the navigator. Side the pilot I mean directly behind a very powerful Rados can now coast the scanners pointing away from you but we'll that. If you look at the lobes emission out of radar scanner. One of the most significant is the by beam which comes. Out of this kind of the wrong direction. which goes is getting back with some forwards for hours on end right on your body is nothing much between you and it this ABC's some. PUNKS ONYX and. Panels and things, but honestly, the State Sandy Life few feet away. So we always wondered about that but it was all in very much room it. I want really had any data to go by I certainly in this country the military were too keen to look at it too closely. In case they found the connection. Then of course, you could do something about this, right? Now I I prefer. So. Well, actually I cry like sailors. That's what heard. So. We're not going to get personal here on the on the show, the news segment maybe in the getting to know US portion of the show we get into. So I think if I read this correctly I'm I'm trying to scan through this article very quickly I think. Yeah the database would include every servicemember since nineteen sixty one who served an aviator. Okay. That's going to be a big oldest treatment if they managed to do that. So I'll let you know if I receive something in the mail survey or whatever. Yeah. That's good news and in the meantime Gun see Dr. Healy and surtees finger. And give you a check out of which.

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